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Wed, 2011-10-19 03:31

DJ Bliss is also one of Cosmopolitan Hot Bachelors this year. He has recently released his first single, “Everything About You.” Born and brought up in the UAE, Marwan is definitely the promising Emirati to watch out for. Here is DJ Bliss in conversation with Arab News:

I currently run my own Events and Promotions Company, BLISS INC ENTERTAINMENT. So, I spend most of my day working on that stuff, then I deejay around Dubai and sometimes the rest of the world. I also host a TV show called “That’s Entertainment” on Dubai One TV and run all my social media sites.

I started off as a Radio Presenter, but I couldn’t balance the many jobs I do, so I had to leave but hope to get back into it one day even if on a part-time basis. I also co-hosted a show called “20 Something” and “Emirati.”

The sky’s the limit. I really want to get my name out there, not just regionally, but globally. It’s that hunger for more that drives me.

Life inspires me. My family is supportive. My mom and dad and my three brothers and sister are everything to me and have always been a big part of my life and career.

By chance really. I used to run my high school radio and DJ at house parties at first. Then, I started doing it professionally. I used to listen to a lot of alternative rock growing up and was in bands, but I then leaned toward RnB. I now really appreciate every song for what it is. I think the UAE is the same, as they really like a bit of everything today, not like before.

Yeah I kind of helped put that project together. I’ve done remixes as well. I work with a group of producers on the production. I am the newest one, so I’m still learning a lot from them!

Well, if you ask a die-hard electronic or hip-hop music fan, they will say no one who is on the radio. However, for me, it’s the opposite. I’m not a “fan” of trashy and commercial pop music, but I like artists who make the transition or are involved in the transition of music from the underground to mainstream. Saying that, there are still plenty of people who do justice to REAL music.

I’m currently the resident DJ at Armani/Prive in Burj Khalifa on Saturdays and PEOPLE by Crystal on Tuesdays. I also have a monthly residency at Etoiles club in Abu Dhabi and a few international residencies too.

Absolutely. I’ve learned so much, mainly survival skills. It’s tough, it wasn’t easy at all, but it has made me who I am today, and I cherish that journey.

I would have to say my own song, “Everything about you.” It’s my first single and I’ve worked hard on it, so it’s my feel good song right.

I really don’t think so. Everything I do is related to music in some way or another. I think the word BLISS describes it!

I never really was a future thinker. I always thought of the present and immediate future. I don’t know. I really don’t think past the next six months. What I can definitely tell you is that I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the studio working on production.

Just living life and enjoying it. I love all the things that I do from radio back in the days, TV, deejaying, hosting events and now being an artist. I’m going to continue putting out the content. I’m very open about my life, and you can see that on my Facebook and Twitter pages, so keep an eye out there.
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