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Sun, 2012-02-12 02:45

Deputy Foreign Minster Prince Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah, who
is also chairman of the board of trustees of the international prize and member
of the board of directors of the King Abdul Aziz Public Library, chaired the
function in which the prizes were announced.
Prince Abdul Aziz said the prize, which is being given for
the fifth year, has been striving to strengthen the rapport between cultures.
The “Kalimah” Project of the Abu Dhabi Council of Culture
and Heritage has been awarded the prize in the category of institutions.
Prince Abdul Aziz said the cash award for the prize has been
increased from SR500,000 to SR750,000 and prizes for the appreciation of
contributions of individuals from SR250,000 to SR500,000.
The prize for translation in natural sciences from other
languages to Arabic is shared by Muhammad Al-Harahsha and Waleed Khalifa (for a
translation on metallurgy and mining by Fathi Habshi from English to Arabic),
and Muhammad Al-Alfi and Ridwan Abdul Aal (for translating Computer Networking
by James Kurose and Keith Ross.)
In the category of translations from other languages to
Arabic in humanities, the prize is shared by Muhiyuddin Hamidi (for translating
Clinical Linguistics by Lewis Cummins in English to Arabic) and Fadil Jatkar
(for his translation of The Passion of the Western Mind by Richard Tarnas from
English to Arabic.)
In the category of humanities from Arabic to other languages
the prize is awarded to Niamatullah Ibrahim, Abdul Hakeem Arfov, Akmal Janov
Abdul Hamid Zayiyov, Jahanghir Niamatov and Abdul Wahid Aliyov for their
translation of Ibn Hisham’s Biography of the Prophet (peace be upon him) into
Uzbek. In the same category Nabil Al-Ridwan got the prize for his translation
of “Shadow: Myths and its Cognitive and Creative Stretching” by Fatimah
Al-Wohaibi from Arabic to French.
The submissions for the next year’s prizes will be open from
March 1 to July 31.

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