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Wed, 2012-03-28 01:58

During the constant evolution of music, we take a look at the radio industry and international music being played by our local Radio Jockeys. They say it’s war “on air” when the best radio shows go live with the prominent voices of superlative powers behind the mic, but really it is only a matter of preference. Rotana, MBC-Panorama FM, Mix FM and Alif Alif are amongst the prominent radio channels in the Kingdom. Arab News delves deeper into their cause and strife to see just how easy it is to deliver a good time on airplay. Saudi radio stations may still have time to catch up to international standards of radio broadcasting, but they allow these voices to make a change. Change is inevitable and it is finally here.
Speaking with Arab News are radio presenters from Mix FM and Panorama FM- Big Hass (Hassan Dennaoui), Dina Reda and Omar Basaad who discuss the trends of the most popular shows like “Laish Hip-hop,” “Batwanes Beats,” “Tranzit” and “Let's Tweet.” We talked to each about their area of expertise in hosting their show while scrutinizing the music scene.

It’s all about awareness and the listener’s preference or choice of music. Some Khaleeji fans stick to what they love. But then again, I have had Roger Sanchez, Ian Carey, Axwell and Bob Sinclar on my show. These are world-renowned artists. House music is a huge element of pop music now and it’s great to see artists from all walks of music collaborating with each other.
Well, Arabic music is always requested. The segment of Arab people that tune in to the radio is a lot. That’s why you don’t get a lot of requests for foreign tracks, but that is changing since Mix FM plays a lot of English tracks — trance, R&B and hip-hop — and that is a great thing.

I think more freedom in discussing political issues since the area is undergoing crazy changes and the youth are a big part of it. Believe it or not, love and relationships are not the only thing on our mind. I believe the addition of new radio stations opened up a great path for young Saudis to experience broadcasting and the people of Saudi Arabia are recognizing them and that is a vital thing.
I would have answered this question a year back with three points: Presenters with an accent to relate more to Saudis, they should be closer to their audience and they should play better music with more English songs. I can proudly say Mix FM covered these points and more. So my answer is nothing.

We are seven women RJs working on different shows.

The show is Saudi's first FM hip-hop radio show and through it, I am trying to change the "wrong" perception people have on this art form. It is a culture and a very effective tool to spread positive messages. In the show, I play hip-hop, some jazz, R&B, soul music and reggae since hip-hop combines all these genres.

It has progressed; people are more aware and it’s remarkable to see how taste in music is changing. The time is now and I say, “Lets Get Loud” and celebrate music.
Definitely. We don’t have anything less than they do. With a little support, we can too.
I sure hope so and I want to believe so, but it might take some time given that all of Dubai’s top radios are English speaking and that’s what makes you international. However, I believe the time will come where some English-speaking shows will be aired on Saudi FM soon inshAllah.

“Batwanes Beats” airs every Thursday at 9 p.m. on Panorama FM
“Laish Hip” Hop airs every Thursday from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Mix FM
“Tranzit” airs Saturday to Wednesday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Mix FM
“Lets Tweet” airs every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. on Mix FM

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