Mohammed Al-Shatti

Mohammed Al-Shatti is a Kuwaiti oil analyst.

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Drawdown of oil inventories likely in next few weeks

The fall of crude prices after hitting over $80 per barrel to below $70 is seen not perceived as based on fundamentals but the downturn is driven by sentiment.

December 04, 2021

Oil market to rebalance toward a surplus from February

Brent prices are averaging around $84 per barrel in November 2021, which is better than the levels seen in April 2020, when prices dropped to $20 per barrel.

November 13, 2021

Oil demand continues to healthily outpace supply

Crude oil prices averaged about 1 percent higher on a week-over-week basis, as investors remained focused on the strength of the global oil supply and demand fundamentals ahead of winter.

October 31, 2021

Return to pre-pandemic oil demand not likely until 2023

Global oil balances look tighter due to supply outages and stronger demand, pulled up in part by substitution for increasingly higher natural gas.

October 09, 2021

Energy crunch adds to crude demand

Crude oil markets continue to hold with fundamentals and remain well supported as they await the OPEC+ ministerial meeting that will begin on Oct. 4.

October 02, 2021

Supply, demand dynamics point to well-supported oil market

Despite a volatile week, crude oil prices remained supported by a number of developments in both supply and demand.

September 25, 2021