Mohamed Chebaro

Mohamed Chebaro is a British-Lebanese journalist with more than 25 years’ experience covering war, terrorism, defense, current affairs and diplomacy. He is also a media consultant and trainer.

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A divided global leadership cannot save the planet

I try to go hiking in the English countryside, usually around October every year, to enjoy the changing of nature’s colors in preparation for winter. This year, the trees kept their green leaves late, denying me the pleasure of seeing the red, orange and deep yellow of the falling leaves.

November 11, 2021

Refugees becoming a tool to settle geopolitical scores

It seems that the issue of migration will remain a constant in the UK government’s post-Brexit bluster, as well as being an EU-wide headache.

October 13, 2021

Blame Brexit, not the pandemic, for UK’s woes

For some time, I have been contemplating abandoning my addiction to driving in order to do my bit to help save the environment and protect the planet. But this week I have had no alternative but to consider other means of transport, as many UK garages have no fuel at the pumps.

September 29, 2021