Mohamed Chebaro

Mohamed Chebaro is a British-Lebanese journalist with more than 25 years’ experience covering war, terrorism, defense, current affairs and diplomacy. He is also a media consultant and trainer.

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UK should end demonization of immigrants amid labor shortage

It may be a simplistic observation, but it is often not mentioned: A politician whose parents were migrants is today working to bolster the UK’s broken asylum system to curb new arrivals’ entry to the UK.

March 15, 2023

Reversing Brexit must not be taboo in UK’s political discourse

The Brexit saga has again and again been the absolute disruptor of British life since 2016. Despite the many excuses, it is increasingly clear that the process that has divided the country has hurt Britain, the UK economy and the standing of this leading union in Europe and the world.

March 01, 2023

No time for West to be risk-averse on helping Ukraine

The supply of Western tanks to Ukraine will be a game changer. However, the hesitation seen in some NATO countries — particularly Germany — could be an indication of how precarious the Western coalition supporting Ukraine is and hints at cracks possibly appearing in 2023.

January 25, 2023