Al-Wasl Dome Alif Terra Entry Portals
Al-Wasl Dome Alif Terra Entry Portals


The 150 meter diameter Al-Wasl Plaza is being designed as a central hub for the exposition.


Height in meters; taller than Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Weight in tons; equivalent to 25 blue whales.


Volume in cubic meters of steel crown; equivalent to about 300 Olympic-size swimming pools.


Kilometers of steel used, equal to the height of 16 Burj Khalifas.


Individual sections were joined together to make the dome.


Architect: Foster + Partners

Timings: 10:00 - 22:00

Location: Mobility District


Passengers that can be carried in the world’s largest lift.


Length in meters of the partly underground track for viewing mobility devices.


Height in meters of historical giants of mobility created by Weta Workshop.


Architect: Grimshaw Architects

Timings: 10:00 - 22:00

Location: Sustainability District


Gigiwatt hours of energy generated by its solar panels in a year; enough for a Nissan Leaf to travel halfway to Mars.


Area of pavilion and surrounding grounds in square meters.


Percentage reduction in water use through new irrigation techniques and local plants.


Architect: Asif Khan

Structural Engineer: Calin Gologon

Manufacturer: Ha-Co Carbon GmbH


Number of times the carbon-fiber filaments, laid end to end, could circle the world.


Height in meters of doors, which despite their size can be opened by one person

Expo City Dubai officially opens, aims to bring back Expo 2020 Dubai visitors

Expo City Dubai officially opens, aims to bring back Expo 2020 Dubai visitors

  • Award-winning Saudi Arabia and the UAE pavilions to re-open later in October
  • Opening of other country pavilions will be announced soon
By Sherouk Zakaria ·

Egypt won third place among the medium-sized pavilions for its interior design, as adjudged by the International Bureau of Exhibitions. (@Trade_Industry)

1.5m visits to Egypt pavilion at Dubai Expo

By Mohammed Abu Zaid ·


Andrea Bocelli

Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli is known for his blend of opera and pop music. Diagnosed with congenital glaucoma at 5 months old, he became completely blind at age 12, following a football accident. Bocelli sang at piano bars and nightclubs to pay for his tuition at University of Pisa, where took up law. He spent one year as a state-appointed attorney after graduation before deciding to pursue a musical career under the tutelage of tenor Franco Corelli.


Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is an English singer, songwriter and record producer who, at the age of 23, started gaining fans from all over the world due to her unique talent in music. At a young age, she learned to play musical instruments and began writing songs. She also won a singing competition while in university and won the ‘Brit Awards’ after releasing her debut EP ‘An Introduction to Ellie Goulding’. Goulding is not only known for her music, but she is also a fashion icon who was featured on multiplemagazines.


Kadhim Al-Sahir

Kadim Al-Sahir is one of the most successful Arab artists in the history, selling over 30 million albums since the start of his career. Born Kadim Jabbar Al-Samarai in northern Iraq, he took interest in music at a young age particularly the works of the great Egyptian singer Mohamed Abdel Wahab. Al-Sahir started writing songs at the age of 12 and was accepted into the Baghdad Music Academy at the age of 21, and afterwards found success to be dubbed The Caesar of Arabic songs and Iraq’s ambassador to the world.


Anthony Joshua

British professional boxer Anthony Joshua is a two-time former unified world heavyweight champion. As an amateur, Joshua represented Great Britain in various amateur competitions including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he won gold. The British boxer was named Prospect of the Year by The Ring magazine in 2014 after turning professional. Three year later, his bout against Ukrainian Wladimir Klitscho was named Fight of the Year by The Ring and the Boxing Writers Association of America. Joshua is also the second British boxer, after James DeGale, to get a gold medal at the Olympics and a world title.


Hussein Al-Jassmi

Well-known Emirati pianist, composer and musician Hussein Al-Jassmi was born in 1979. At the early stages of his career, Al-Jassmi formed a band – called Ferkat Al-Khaleej – with his brothers and performed in weddings and parties in the Eastern region of the UAE. Ferkat Al-Khaleej was said to be among the best bands in the Gulf region. Al-Jassmi’s rise to fame started after releasing his first album “Hussein Al-Jasmi 2002.”