Eradication program causes Dengue fever cases to drop by 70%

Updated 11 June 2014

Eradication program causes Dengue fever cases to drop by 70%

Dengue fever cases in Jeddah drop by 70 percent in the first five months of this year compared to the same period last year because of the city's mosquito eradication program, according to a senior official.
Sami Al-Ghamdi, director of public relations and media at the municipality, said there were 460 cases recorded over the past five months.
He said the municipality has established three laboratories that deal with various parts of the eradication program including testing food and water, determining the quality of pesticides and discovering new species of insects and mosquitoes.
One laboratory is helping to identify mosquito-breeding sites, which allows the municipal teams to do their work more effectively.
Al-Ghamdi said the department identified 4,885 locations including 76 plant nurseries, 18 farms, 360 public parks, 67 brick plants, 36 managerial buildings, and 4,328 buildings under construction.
"We discovered around 23,687 hot spots with full adult mosquitoes and 188,887 in the larvae stage. In the process, we also checked 800 schools, 180 housing complexes, 32 military complexes, 480 mosques and 50 sewage drainage sites.
The city's squads found several schools with pools of water, in bathrooms, reservoirs, and plant-basins. The teams sprayed these areas with various types of pesticides.

Where We Are Going Today: Zaitunay Bay

Updated 14 December 2019

Where We Are Going Today: Zaitunay Bay

  • Zaitunay Bay serves up a surprise for shisha lovers

This Lebanese restaurant and cafe is currently stealing my favorite spot in Jeddah to chill and hang out with friends, while enjoying delicious food.

Located across Tahliya’s walkway, next to Wagamama, the eatery’s food was cooked to perfection, from appetizers such as batata harra (spicy potatoes) and cheese manaqeesh, to main courses including grilled lamb chops.

The ambience was cozy and friendly, with the music playing in the background bringing about a sense of nostalgia. Arabic songs from the beginning of the decade, including tunes by Egyptian singer Amr Diab and Lebanese songstress Elissa, had my party instinctively singing along.

The decor was colorful, with comfortable couches and fluffy pillows, and some seats were even occupied by adorable gigantic teddy bears.

Zaitunay Bay also serves up a surprise for shisha lovers. 

Upon leaving, visitors are handed a loyalty card offering a free fifth shisha.