Yemen govt: Roadmap only way to peace

Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi foreign minister, discusses future course of action with Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, UN special envoy for Yemen, in Riyadh on Thursday. (SPA)
Updated 10 March 2017

Yemen govt: Roadmap only way to peace

RIYADH: Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, Yemen’s president and Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, UN special envoy for Yemen, arrived here Thursday to discuss key elements of an agreement for a peace roadmap to ensure an orderly transition to normalcy in the war-torn country.
Ahmed, Abdullatif Al-Zayani, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) secretary-general and Adel Al-Jubeir, Saudi foreign minister, discussed the latest developments in the political, security and humanitarian arenas in Yemen.
Ahmed shared his efforts to push the political process in accordance with the GCC-sponsored initiative and the UN Security Council Resolution 2216.
Mohamed A. Qubaty, Yemen tourism minister, told Arab News in a telephone interview from Aden that the government “stands for talks for settlement of all issues and all confrontations based on an agreement in line with strategic references.”
He added: “All issues under the peace roadmap should be dealt with in accordance with these references — GCC peace initiative with its executive mechanism, the National Dialogue outputs and the UN Security Council’s resolutions, including Resolution 2216 and Chapter VII of the UN Charter.
“With the fulfillment of the requirements of these three strategic references, we are ready to accept the roadmap,” said the minister.
The Security Council demanded in 2015 that all parties in the embattled country, particularly the Houthis, unconditionally end the violence and refrain from further unilateral actions that threaten the political transition.
The Security Council also demanded that the Houthis withdraw from all areas seized during the conflict, relinquish arms seized from military and security institutions and cease all actions falling within the authority of the legitimate government.
Furthermore, under Chapter VII of the charter, the UN body called upon the Houthis to refrain from any provocations or threats to neighboring states, release all political prisoners and individuals under house arrest or arbitrarily detained, and end the recruitment of children as soldiers.

Iran commemorates war with parade of tanks, missiles

Updated 23 September 2019

Iran commemorates war with parade of tanks, missiles

  • Saudi Arabia and the US have accused Iran of a Sept. 14 drone and missile attack on oil facilities

JEDDAH: As Saudi Arabia prepared to celebrate its National Day with entertainment events, firework displays and cultural events, Iran staged a military parade in Tehran on Sunday with tanks, missiles and armored vehicles.

President Hassan Rouhani and Iranian military leaders saluted as ranks of soldiers marched past them in tight unison, followed by an array of military hardware.

Among the weapons on display in the parade, held to mark the anniversary of the start of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980, was an upgraded warhead for the Khorramshahr ballistic missile, said to have a range of 2,000km, and the Kaman 12 drone with a range of 1,000km. Speedboats and warships were shown in video footage on state TV.

Saudi Arabia and the US have accused Iran of a Sept. 14 drone and missile attack on oil facilities in the east of the Kingdom. After the attack the Pentagon ordered US troops to reinforce Saudi air and missile defenses.

In a speech at Monday’s parade, Rouhani denounced the US presence. “Foreign forces can cause problems and insecurity for our people and for our region,” he said.

“If they’re sincere, then they should not make our region the site of an arms race.

“Their presence has always brought pain and misery ... the farther they keep themselves from our region and our nations, the more security there will be.”

The US aims to avoid war with Iran and the additional troops are for “deterrence and defense,” US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Sunday.

“If that deterrence should continue to fail, I am also confident that President Trump would continue to take the actions that are necessary,” he said.