Summer festival showcasing 250 different activities in KSA’s Eastern Province

Prince Saud bin Naif. (SPA)
Updated 11 September 2017

Summer festival showcasing 250 different activities in KSA’s Eastern Province

RIYADH: Eastern Province Gov. Prince Saud bin Naif will patronize the 15-day 38th Summer Festival which will showcase 250 activities at King Abdullah Park in Dammam.
The activities are geared toward families, children and the youth in a manner different from previous years, according to Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sufian, Eastern Province secretariat spokesman.
Al-Sufian, also the director general of the Department of Public Relations and Media and chairman of the media committee of the festival, said the event is in partnership with the General Entertainment Authority (GEA).
The festival will also feature the Kingdom’s National Day, featuring eight main tents with a tent for the main events which can accommodate more than 1,800 visitors.
He said that 13 popular bands will perform on the occasion, highlighting Saudi traditional folklore, customs and stories that have passed from one generation to the next.
He added that several surprises also await visitors and tourists from other parts of the Kingdom and abroad. A special exhibition for business leaders will be held, with organizers ensuring that the region’s young entrepreneurs will be supported by a unique tent.
He stressed that the tent for youth events will be commensurate with their requirements, in addition to the allocation of a tent for food. Famous restaurants will participate for the first time.
Al-Sufian also said that the festival will offer a number of different plays and events which will be surprising for visitors, especially in light of the partnership with the GEA.
He stressed that it will have its own mark in presenting new events for visitors, especially since the duration of the festival coincides with the National Day celebration of the Kingdom.

Saudi tourism megaproject aims to turn the Red Sea green

Updated 20 October 2019

Saudi tourism megaproject aims to turn the Red Sea green

  • Development will protect endangered hawksbill turtle, while coral research could help save the Great Barrier Reef

RIYADH: Key ecological targets are driving Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea tourism megaproject, its leader has told Arab News.

The development will not only protect the habitat of the endangered hawksbill turtle, but could also save coral reefs that are dying elsewhere in the world, said Red Sea Development Company Chief Executive John Pagano.

The project is taking shape in a 28,000 square kilometer region of lagoons, archipelagos, canyons and volcanic geology between the small towns of Al-Wajh and Umluj on the Kingdom’s west coast.

One island, Al-Waqqadi, looked like the perfect tourism destination, but was discovered to be a breeding ground for the hawksbill. “In the end, we said we’re not going to develop it. It shows you can balance development and conservation,” Pagano said.

Scientists are also working to explain why the area’s coral reef system — fourth-largest in the world —  is thriving when others around the world are endangered.

“To the extent we solve that mystery, the ambition would be to export that to the rest of the world,” Pagano said. “Can we help save the Great Barrier Reef or the Caribbean coral that has been severely damaged?”


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