White House: Iran ‘prolonging Yemen war’

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman receives Yemeni President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi in Riyadh on Wednesday. (SPA)
Updated 09 November 2017

White House: Iran ‘prolonging Yemen war’

JEDDAH: Iran is prolonging the war in Yemen in pursuit of regional domination and is undermining UN efforts to negotiate an end to the conflict, the White House said on Wednesday.
The US accused Iran of supplying Yemen’s Houthi militias with advanced weapons, including ballistic missiles used to attack Makkah and Riyadh, echoing allegations made by Saudi Arabia.
A White House statement condemned Iran’s actions and pledged US support to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf partners against Tehran’s “blatant” violations of international law.
“Houthi missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, enabled by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, threaten regional security,” the White House said. “These missile systems were not present in Yemen before the conflict, and we call upon the UN to conduct a thorough examination of evidence that the Iranian regime is perpetuating the war in Yemen to advance its regional ambitions.”
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said on Tuesday the missile attack on Riyadh on Saturday was a “direct military aggression by the Iranian regime.”
The Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Saudi Arabia would “achieve nothing by threatening the might of Iran.”
James F. Jeffrey, former US ambassador to Iraq and Turkey and a distinguished fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, told Arab News: “It is symptomatic of what we have seen for 35 years: Iran expands and threatens and strikes via surrogates and refuses to admit responsibility.”
Countries affected by Iran’s policies over the years have had difficulty deterring Tehran from its destabilizing policies, Jeffrey said. “Until countries are willing to hit Iranian interests directly and bear the risks, this will just continue. US and Saudis should warn Iran: Another such attack and they will jointly strike a target in Iran. Nothing else will cause Iran to pause.”
Ellen Laipson, a Distinguished Fellow and President Emeritus of the Stimson Center in Washington, told Arab News: “Neither Tehran nor Riyadh appears ready to back down or find a path to a compromise and negotiated settlement of the crisis, and Iran would not necessarily be at the negotiating table. The stakes are higher for Saudi Arabia than for Iran, which sees Yemen as a target of opportunity rather than a vital national interest.”
Reports that Saudi Arabia had prevented the internationally recognized President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi from returning to Yemen were “lies,” the president’s office said on Wednesday.
The reports were part of a “systematic campaign targeting Saudi Arabia, which leads a battle to stop Iranian interference in Yemen and the region,” a spokesman said.

Kingdom’s envoy to UK opens Saudi pavilion at education technologies expo

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Kingdom’s envoy to UK opens Saudi pavilion at education technologies expo

LONDON: The Saudi ambassador to the UK opened a government ministry pavilion during a ceremony at a leading international expo for educational technologies in London.

Prince Khalid bin Bandar bin Sultan then toured the Saudi Ministry of Education stand at the BETT 2020 event being staged at the ExCeL exhibition center in the British capital until Jan. 25.

BETT is the first industry show of the year that focuses on technology in education, bringing together more than 800 leading companies, 103 startups and around 34,000 attendees from 146 countries.

The prince was joined on his tour of the Kingdom’s pavilion by Dr. Saad bin Saud Al-Fuhaid, assistant minister of education, who briefed the envoy on modern technologies provided by the ministry and its numerous initiatives.

Through international exhibitions such as BETT, the Saudi ministry aims to attract global investment in public and higher education in the Kingdom, supported by the participation of Tatweer Education Holding companies including Tatweer Co. for Educational Services, the Educational Transport Services Development Co., and Building Development Co., along with Tatweer Educational Technologies Co.

BETT is regarded as one of the largest international exhibitions in educational technologies and includes seminars, meetings, workshops and panel discussions in fields related to investment in education.

The Saudi Ministry of Education’s delegation at the London expo was headed by Al-Fuhaid, and included the deputy minister for general education, Dr. Muhammad Al-Muqbel, the general supervisor of the Vision Realization Office, Dr. Atef Al-Amri, and a number of other ministry officials and Tatweer employees.