Stuart from ‘Big Bang Theory’: Riyadh is ‘mezmerizing’

Special Stuart from ‘Big Bang Theory’: Riyadh is ‘mezmerizing’
Kevin Sussman
Updated 27 November 2017

Stuart from ‘Big Bang Theory’: Riyadh is ‘mezmerizing’

Stuart from ‘Big Bang Theory’: Riyadh is ‘mezmerizing’

RIYADH: The Saudi capital is “mesmerizing,” said American actor Kevin Sussman, best known as Walter in the TV series “Ugly Betty,” and as Stuart in “The Big Bang Theory.”

He lauded the architecture and ongoing projects in Riyadh.

Asked about the differences and similarities between Comic Cons worldwide, Sussman told Arab News: “I imagine it’s similar in general because fans are fans all around the world, but I’m still interested to see in what ways new ones could be different.”

He said he worked for four years in a comic book store in New York before he became an actor.

“Everybody should leave their country at some point and visit others, because you realize we’re all people who need a chance to know about each other. That would benefit everyone,” he said.

“Getting off the plane in Riyadh, having people stare then say, ‘it’s Stuart!’ — outside validation is always nice.”

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