ThePlace: The Mountains of Asir

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Updated 02 February 2019

ThePlace: The Mountains of Asir

  • The Asir Mountains have the highest average rainfall in Saudi Arabia

The Asir Mountains feature beautiful views of the Tihama valleys. On top of these mountains lie beautiful gardens and palaces.
The mountains cover an area of 161,880 sq. km, and include plains and valleys. Mount Souda is the highest at 3,015 m, followed by Mount Faraway with a height of 3,004 m, then Jabal Al-Majaz, which is 2,902 m high. The Asir Mountains have the highest average rainfall in Saudi Arabia, ranging from 600 mm to more than 1,000 mm annually.

Al-Jubeir meets Chinese envoy in Riyadh

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Al-Jubeir meets Chinese envoy in Riyadh

RIYADH: Saudi Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir received Chinese ambassador to the Kingdom, Chen Weiqing, in Riyadh on Sunday.

During the meeting, they reviewed aspects of bilateral relations between the two friendly countries, in addition to a number of issues of common concern.

Recently, Weiqing said that Saudi Arabia’s new tourist visa will stimulate economic diversification and boost visitor numbers from around the world.

Almost 24,000 foreign visitors entered Saudi Arabia in the 10 days after instant tourist visas were introduced at airports in the Kingdom, according to the Foreign Ministry.

China topped the visitor numbers with 7,391 arrivals, followed by the UK and US. Canada, Malaysia and Russia also had a significant number of visitors to the Kingdom.

“China and Saudi Arabia are comprehensive strategic partners. We believe that tourism cooperation between our two countries has great potential, and Saudi Arabia will become an attractive destination for Chinese tourists in the near future.”

In February, Saudi Arabia and China agreed to include the Chinese language in the curriculum at all stages of education in schools and universities across the Kingdom. The agreement came during a meeting between Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and a high-level Chinese delegation in the capital Beijing, in a bid to strengthen bilateral friendship and cooperation and deepen the strategic partnership at all levels between both countries.