Mobily first to test 5G near Makkah’s Grand Mosque

Updated 01 May 2019

Mobily first to test 5G near Makkah’s Grand Mosque

Saudi telecom giant Mobily has successfully conducted site tests in cooperation with Ericsson for 5G in Makkah reaching speeds in excess of 1 gigabit (1,000 megabits). The tests by Mobily and Ericsson are the first such tests conducted in an area close to the Holy Mosque, which has one of the highest concentration of mobile users in the world. Upon deployment, 5G will boost their customer experience.

Mobily CTO Alaa Al-Malki said: “Our vision as a company is in line with Saudi Arabia’s national agenda that emphasizes the importance of technologies such as 5G to form the pillars of an innovative society. Mobily continues its efforts in enabling digital technologies that empower customers and the ecosystem to lead the way to a digital future. Our partnership with Ericsson is part of our ambition to evolve toward the next-generation mobile technology 5G and contribute to Saudi Vision 2030.”

Consumers can expect faster download and upload speeds with the 5G network, more stable connections, lower latency, the ability to connect a higher number of devices to the network, as well as considerable reduction in device energy consumption and related costs.

The use of 5G technology will allow users to enjoy a much better experience with applications such as VR (virtual reality). The quality of videos and streaming will also be markedly improved as HD will become the norm. On a grander scale, IoT (Internet of Things) will become widely used as related applications become easier to use given faster speeds and lower latency. Mobily said the fifth generation technology will also enable it to present many opportunities for enterprises and industries in the Kingdom.

The deployment of 5G is considered a revolution in ICT and its applications are expected to facilitate scores of services. One such crucial application will be in the medical field while another, highly anticipated application is smart city connectivity. Mobily and Ericsson have a long and successful partnership working toward the new era of 5G technology.

Mobily is working toward digital transformation in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 by implementing latest cutting-edge technologies to meet the increasing demand of telecom services, particularly data services.

‘East Meets West’ in BMG Foundation’s digital concert

Updated 10 August 2020

‘East Meets West’ in BMG Foundation’s digital concert

  • The program featured the young Saudi musician Albara Banoun, who played his traditional Arabian oud to accompany the contemporary compositions
  • Under the direction of William Garfield Walker, the ensemble performed in a music hall where Brahms, Bruckner and Mahler have presented their masterpieces

Following its tradition of holding charitable summer retreats in London for more than 25 years, this year — in wake of the global pandemic — BMG Foundation, the CSR and cultural arm of BMG Financial Group, united international musicians in the BMG Economic Forum’s new digital format.
Representing the G20 group of nations, 20 musicians from the Nova Orchester Wien came together to play a concert of Eastern and Western music, led by William Garfield Walker, an award-winning American conductor based in Vienna. The special commission featured Syrian-Argentinian composer Diego Collatti, synthesizing traditional Arabic music and Western music in the classical tradition, in homage to Saudi Arabia, which currently holds the G20 presidency.
This concert took place on July 15 in a live broadcast highlighting the end of the BMG Economic Forum, at an iconic musical hall in Vienna, the Ehrbar Saal. In “East Meets West,” the audience enjoyed listening to music inspired by traditional songs from Saudi Arabia, such as My Beloved Country, Long Live Salman and You Are King. The program, performed by an orchestral formation representing the G20 countries, included the young Saudi musician Albara Banoun, who played his traditional Arabian oud to accompany the contemporary compositions.
Under the direction of Walker, the group performed both modern and classical pieces in a music hall where Brahms, Bruckner and Mahler, among many others have presented their masterpieces and Steinway got his start.
Prince Abdullah bin Khaled bin Sultan, Saudi ambassador to Austria, attended the concert alongside guests from the Saudi Embassy in Vienna. Prince Abdullah said that he was pleased to see the collaboration between Saudi musicians and other participants from the G20 countries, and hoped that the platform is used to further promote Saudi heritage on a global stage.
The concert ended with the perfectly performed Serenade for Strings by Tchaikovsky, in which the composer started out with a nod to Mozart.
BMG Foundation has been building bridges between the East and West via sports, music and art for more than 25 years. In a world that constantly reminds us of what sets us apart, the vision of BMG Foundation is to transcend differences through the mutual language of culture.