The Luxury Closet opens shop in Dubai’s Marina Mall

The Marina Mall pop-up store is open until October.
Updated 03 July 2019

The Luxury Closet opens shop in Dubai’s Marina Mall, an online marketplace for buying and selling luxury items, has opened its doors to a second pop-up store in the Middle East. 

The 1,600-foot selling space is situated on the first-floor of Marina Mall in Dubai.

The goal of the brand is to change the way people think and shop luxury by showing the industry, which is known for its opulence, that fashion can be sustainable.

The Marina Mall pop-up store, which is open until October, is equipped with exclusive designs such the Hermes Birkin, Kelly bag and Chanel vintage accessories, all of which will be showcased in a dedicated VIP lounge area.

“This is just the beginning of an exciting expansion plan for The Luxury Closet. The new brick-and-mortar selling space allows us to increase our customer base and improve the shopping experience of preloved items.”

Retailing 100 percent authentic products is at the forefront of our selling ethos at The Luxury Closet and we take great pride in allowing buyers to find limited-edition, hard to find items at prices they never thought possible,” said Kunal Kapoor, founder and CEO of The Luxury Closet.

ICD & We-Fi empower women entrepreneurs

Updated 18 September 2019

ICD & We-Fi empower women entrepreneurs

With the aim of discussing how the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) and the Women Entrepreneurs Finance Initiative (We-Fi) can expand their relationship and integrate the gender themes into ICD’s operations and businesses, a meeting was held between Ayman Amin Sejiny, CEO of ICD; Wendy Teleki, head of We-Fi secretariat; and Samir Suleymanov, director strategic initiatives, World Bank, at ICD’s premises in Jeddah recently. The parties discussed the development and promotion of women’s entrepreneurship through innovative sustainable solutions to increase women’s access to economic opportunities in developing countries. 

Teleki highlighted the main objectives of We-Fi, which is to support women entrepreneurs around the world through programs that provide financing, capacity building and also promote enabling environments that allow women to become entrepreneurs and grow their businesses. We-Fi uses an ecosystem approach to develop programs at the country level that will break down barriers and create more opportunities for women.

During the meeting, Ayman said: “ICD and We-Fi are working together to enhance their initiatives and mandates in supporting the female society in all ICD’s member countries. We want to ensure that our lines of finance and our relationship with the 102 directly connected financial institutions we are dealing with will further enhance the funding, training to women entrepreneurs and to provide the required necessary support to women in all our member countries.”

Teleki said that We-Fi has six implementing partners (IP) and the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) is one of them. “IsDB, along with ICD is supporting women entrepreneurs in fragile countries. In Yemen, they have a very interesting ongoing program named BRAVE Women. They target to train up to 500 women to learn to develop business plans in fragile and high-risk contexts and up to 400 of them will get access to funding on a matching grant basis. This program aims also to develop the relationship between those women entrepreneurs with the local banks and also lead companies to make sure those women have access to finance and markets to grow their businesses. Moreover, the IsDB and ICD will be implementing soon this BRAVE Women program in two other countries to improve the women’s entrepreneurship potential in key economic sectors and we look forward to seeing those programs happening in future,” she said.

We-Fi is a global platform that seeks to support over a 100,000 women around the world in the next five years and mobilize at least $2 billion from the public and private sector for further activities.