K-pop band BTS take break before Saudi show

Fans are being asked to leave these boys alone while they’re on holiday. (AFP)
Updated 12 August 2019

K-pop band BTS take break before Saudi show

  • The band’s website says they will perform in Riyadh on Oct. 11
  • They scored three No. 1 albums on the Billboard in less than a year

SEOUL: South Korean boy band BTS will take their first long holiday in six years after a series of global hits, their managers said, asking fans to respect the band's privacy if they see them in “a chance encounter.”

The seven members will take their first extended vacation since the band's debut in 2013, managers at Big Hit Entertainment said on Sunday. They did not say how long BTS will be on holiday, but the band's website said their next world tour concert is in Riyadh on Oct. 11.

“This period of rest will be an opportunity for the members of BTS, who have relentless(ly) driven themselves toward their goal since their debut, to recharge and prepare to present themselves anew as musicians and creators,” Big Hit said.

“Should you have a chance encounter with a member of BTS while they are on vacation, we ask that you show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off.” 

“BTS will return refreshed and recharged to return all the love you have and continue to show them,” it added.

The band crowned their global reach with three No. 1 albums on the Billboard chart in less than a year, a 2019 Grammy nomination and concerts from Los Angeles to Paris. BTS broke into the U.S. market in 2017, the first Korean group to win a Billboard music award.

Egyptian photographer to take part in exhibition in Germany 

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Egyptian photographer to take part in exhibition in Germany 

DUBAI: Egyptian photographer Mohamed Hassan is among a long list of international artists who will showcase their work at “Facing Britain,” an exhibition scheduled at Germany’s renowned Museum Goch. 

The fair, set to take place from Sept. 27 to Nov 7, focuses on the period of Britain’s European Union membership between 1963 until 2020. 


Beautiful horses Pembrokeshire #wales #documentyourdays #shootpentax

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Hassan, who has been living in Wales since 2007, will showcase his work that he says “aims to challenge some of the stereotypes and judgements that people make about other people.”

“My personal experience as an Egyptian living in Wales for the last 10 years is that I am often judged or stereotyped by my appearance,” Hassan, who is originally from Alexandria, says on his website. 


Portrait of an amazing artist @lindanorrisglass Check her work on http://www.linda-norris.com/gallery/

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“During the last few years, as a result of events in the world, I have personal experience of less tolerance of my background with people sometimes behaving very negatively towards me as a fear of Islam and Muslims has grown,” he added. 

Hassan’s art has been exhibited at prestigious galleries including Wales’s Mission Gallery, the Waterfront National Museum, London’s Trajectory Showcase Competition Exhibition and more.



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The exhibition also focuses on the 1970s and 1980s, when artistic documentary photography gained an importance worldwide.

Besides Hassan, the exhibition will also present work of artists from around the world including: James Barnor, John Bulmer, Rob Bremner, Thom Corbishley, Robert Darch, Anna Fox, Henry Grant, Ken Grant, Judy Greenway and many more.