Pearl Initiative seeks to institutionalize philanthropy

The Pearl Initiative, a business-led non-profit organization, recently hosted a roundtable with experts from the UAE’s business and philanthropic community. (Photo/Supplied)
Updated 23 October 2019

Pearl Initiative seeks to institutionalize philanthropy

The Pearl Initiative, a business-led nonprofit organization promoting a culture of corporate transparency and accountability for the Gulf region’s private sector, recently hosted a roundtable with experts from the UAE’s business and philanthropic community. The aim was to raise awareness on the various legal structures and mechanisms available to support the institutionalization of philanthropy within the UAE. 

With family businesses in the Gulf region becoming major forces in regional philanthropy, supporting a wide range of causes, business heads learned how to increase the impact of giving in their communities by modernizing traditional philanthropic approaches. 

The panel discussion revealed that the most successful global family charities use impact philanthropy, which has three aspects: Institutionalizing philanthropic activities, adopting proactive alternatives to grant making and measuring impact. The discussions helped business leaders and directors managing philanthropic capital navigate the legislative and regulatory framework guiding charitable activities across the UAE. The panel comprised presentations from David Russell QC, barrister at law, Outer Temple Chambers; Khadija Ali, chief representative, Business Development Segment, Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) Authority; and Taufiq Rahim, executive director, Globesight. 

Yasmine Omari, executive director of the Pearl Initiative, said: “By institutionalizing philanthropic activities, companies can devise clear and coherent strategies to identify focus areas that are consistent with family values and corporate strategy. Family foundations are a great way for family businesses to be philanthropic, and while the funds and activities of private foundations serve the public, these charitable vehicles do offer significant benefits for donors as well, enabling them to leave a personal and family legacy while also engaging family, particularly the next-gen in philanthropy.”

The DIFC Foundations Law 2018 (DIFC Law No 3 of 2018) came into effect in March 2018. It allows family businesses to set up a foundation in DIFC as a separate legal entity, so that they may enjoy greater flexibility and control, all within a robust governance structure that facilitates philanthropy.

AMC launches Saudi Arabia’s first cinema loyalty program

Updated 15 January 2020

AMC launches Saudi Arabia’s first cinema loyalty program

AMC Cinemas has launched the first cinema loyalty program, along with a website and mobile application, in Saudi Arabia, ensuring that all updates and information are available for movie lovers here.

The loyalty program, AMC Da’era, is a first-of-its-kind experience that has been built specifically for the Saudi cinema goer. The app is designed to offer a personalized experience for each guest. With points being earned for every single riyal spent in AMC Cinemas, members keep ascending through each of the tiers by moving from Inner Circle to Select Circle and finally Elite Circle. Alongside each tier, the perks and benefits continue to expand from birthday, anniversary gifts, F&B discounts, free refills, and chances to win tickets to screenings and grand opening events. 

Being a member of AMC Da’era will give users a privilege to be the first to know about any advance tickets and cinema openings via a weekly newsletter.

Users can join AMC Da’era by signing with an AMC account on or the AMC Cinemas app on iOS.

The new website is set to be a one-stop digital hub for movie news and schedules in all AMC Cinemas, featuring advanced search tools that allow guests to narrow down their search and select a movie based on the name of the movie or the desired location. The handy booking system allows users to effortlessly purchase and book tickets online and once the transaction is completed, the tickets will be dropped into the visitors’ digital wallet. Moreover, the live chat option provides immediate real time support to help solve any problems and deliver all required information. 

The site also highlights any new food and drinks promotions for customers to benefit from. The new “Remind Me” function will keep cinema lovers always up to date. The website has been designed to be quite similar to, the most visited entertainment site in the US.

“AMC Cinemas’ mobile application will allow guests to finalize everything in a seamless and speedy way. With a wide range of features that are available in both Arabic and English languages, booking a movie in AMC Cinemas will become a fun and on-the-go process,” a statement said.

AMC currently operates two theaters in Riyadh. According to Adom Aron, CEO of AMC, the company plans to open between eight and 10 theaters by June, between 12 and 20 theaters next year, and 50 theaters in the next three to four years.