quotes G20 Riyadh Summit: A chance to resolve Mideast dilemmas

27 October 2019
Updated 21 November 2019

G20 Riyadh Summit: A chance to resolve Mideast dilemmas

The Middle East has been facing intense security crises and political instability over the last three decades, specifically in the previous 10 years. Many nations are fighting against terrorism and radical religious thoughts. After Al-Qaeda, Daesh is the next threat to regional and global peace and stability. Daesh has destroyed Syria, Iraq and Libya. These extremist organizations present a permanent threat to the security and sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is facing the extremism wave at its border with Yemen. So Saudi Arabia is caught in a catch-22 situation in the Middle East, and it cannot leave the crisis unresolved. Intermediary diplomacy can be utilized to resolve the ongoing Yemen crisis.
Four out of the 20 states of the G20 (the US, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Russia) are the significant stakeholders in the Middle East quagmire. Saudi Arabia should utilize the G20 Summit to design a peace deal among the stakeholders of the Middle East crisis. The Kingdom should take G20 nations into confidence, especially Russia, for its Arab version of NATO called the Islamic Military Counter Terrorism Coalition (IMCTC). The coalition should be designed for the mutual interests of the stakeholders of the Middle East. With the participation of Russia and Turkey, IMCTC should be used against terrorism, separatism and extremism to bring long-lasting peace in the region. Saudi Arabia should use the politics of pacification as a strategic tool on the stage of the G20 Summit to stop the aggression and brutality of Daesh in the Middle East.
In a nutshell, Saudi Arabia is one of the world’s largest trading partners, listed at 21st among the top exporting countries. The Kingdom is the largest exporter of crude oil and petroleum-related products. It has very good interdependence with significant and influential states. However, an excellent change has been observed about the Kingdom’s steps for women’s rights and reform of its society.
Empowering women will be witnessed as a contented change in the Kingdom’s policy. Chairing the G20 Summit of 2020 provides a unique opportunity to Saudi Arabia to attract investments for its Vision 2030 reform plans and taking the world into confidence for the reform of its economy and society. The Kingdom should enhance its interdependence with South Asia for the diversification of its relations. Saudi Arabia should utilize the G20 Summit to resolve the trade war between the US and China. The Kingdom’s efforts for the long-term stability in the Middle East will improve the harder image of the state. Saudi Arabia has got a position to resolve the crisis in the Middle East.

Dr. Yahya Al-Zahrani is an expert on international affairs and security. He has an extensive academic and professional background, combining global experience in strategy and international relations.