Top fashion trends for 2020

The buzzword for fashion in 2020 will undoubtedly be sustainability. (Getty)
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Updated 03 January 2020

Top fashion trends for 2020

  • From durable denim to shimmering sequins, these are the looks that will dominate the year ahead

MUMBAI: The buzzword for fashion in 2020 will undoubtedly be sustainability. Everyone from comedian Hasan Minhaj to Anna Wintour — fashion’s ultimate last word — is talking about how we all need to be more mindful of our fashion consumption. A recent United Nations study revealed that the industry is responsible for about 10 percent of all greenhouse gas emissions and 20 percent of all wastewater, and consumes more energy than the airline and shipping industries put together. The way we currently consume fashion is literally killing our planet. Of course, that doesn’t mean we are going to stop shopping — nor is fashion going to stop pushing new styles. But as we start a new decade, fashion will have to establish a new order — one in which consumers realize that less can be more. There will be other major trends in 2020, as we reveal below, but this will be the year’s defining one.

The new power piece

Borrowing from a man’s wardrobe will never go out of style. But this year, it’s one of the most traditional and often-ignored silhouettes that is set to become a woman’s best friend: the waistcoat. Whether you’re wearing it with a suit, as suggested by Burberry (pictured), with a high-slit skirt à la Gucci, or taking your cue from Celine and giving it a boho twist by pairing it with jeans, a tunic-style shirt and some layered neckpieces, the waistcoat is a true investment buy.

Jungle fever

Conde Nast have become the first media company to sign the United Nations Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action.  The industry is acknowledging its contribution to the current climate crisis and also celebrating the beauty of nature, be it Marni’s ode to the wilderness (pictured), Carolina Herrera’s ‘Super Blooms’ or Dior’s “inclusive garden” at Paris Fashion Week. And the most Instagrammed moment of the year’s Spring/Summer 2020 runway collections was Jennifer Lopez in palm-print dress by Versace. The 50 year old style icon wore a redux version of a dress she wore 20 years ago to the Grammys, and showed that palm print is back, and stronger than ever.

The big bag theory

2019 was all about micro bags. For 2020, we’re pleased to say, it’s time to roll out the super clutches and oversized totes because the big bag is back. (Finally, we can carry more than our keys and a credit card again…) Leading the way is the brand of the moment, Bottega Veneta (pictured). From large pouches and giant crossbodies, these are bags you can carry your office in.

Keep it short

There’s a pair of shorts to suit every woman this year — from hotpants to baggy shorts, you can’t go wrong with this silhouette. Heritage labels including Hermes (pictured) and Salvatore Ferragamo are favoring the high-cut style, while Tod’s, Max Mara and Bottega Venetta give their nod to the more-modest Bermuda shorts.

The Nineties are back

With consumers looking for trans-seasonal pieces that offer longevity, fashion is looking back to the 1990s, the decade of minimalism. Tank tops, easy dresses, and the white shirt — all staples of the time — have now become high-fashion pieces, as seen at The Row, Gabriella Hearst, Prada (pictured) and Bottega Veneta.

Get crafty

As ‘slow fashion’ comes to the fore, the industry is going back to focusing on its arts-and-crafts roots, with crochet becoming increasingly influential. But this is not your grandma’s crocheting — this is a new high-fashion style. Stella McCartney’s lace-y look and Isabel Marant’s Brazilian vibe (pictured) are two great examples of how this traditional art is being updated for 2020.

Bling it on

It’s 2020 and time to shine. Fashion is celebrating the new decade with sequins, turning simple silhouettes such as tuxedo jackets and slip dresses into elevated classics. Seen on the runways of shows by Saint Laurent (pictured) and Ralph Lauren, this is an effortless way to shimmer and shine.

The new trench

Of course Burberry went strong on this outwear staple--- it was this label that first brought made the trench a statement piece. But now many brands are putting their twist on in- be it Michael Kors by adding seriously exaggerated power shoulders to this this classic style or Oscar de la Renta’s floral laser-cut details (pictured) for a feel of feminine ease.

Denim deluxe

In keeping with fashion’s more-relaxed attitude in 2020 (and the penchant for long-lasting clothing) it’s no surprise to see denim — particularly jeans — reclaiming their place in women’s wardrobes. From skinny-fit to flares, a pair of well-cut jeans is a must-have this year. Seen on the catwalks at Chanel, Celine (pictured) and Bottega Veneta you cannot go wrong with denim in 2020.

Go bright or go home

Everyone needs that one fun addition to their look and what better to add some vibrancy that with fluorescent colors? From Valentino’s neon-yellow tiered gown to Jeremy Scott’s puffy technicolored cocktail dresses (pictured), it seems color is the way to make an evening statement next year.

‘On the Rocks’ — Bill Murray is a steal in this dad-daughter outing

Updated 25 October 2020

‘On the Rocks’ — Bill Murray is a steal in this dad-daughter outing

CHENNAI: Bill Murray is the most endearing aspect from “On the Rocks,” Sofia Coppola’s seventh film as writer-director. Behind his trademark deadpan expression, Murray still has twinkle and mischief in his eyes. And he brings out the same kind of lonely wistfulness we saw in his earlier association with Coppola in 2003’s “Lost in Translation,” in which he and Scarlett Johansson meet in a Tokyo hotel and find comfort in each other. There was no romance there, as there is none in his latest outing as Felix. Daughter Laura (played by Rashida Jones, who has starred in “I Love You, Man” and “The Social Network”) is troubled thinking that her life is about to go into a tailspin. 

“On the Rocks” is now on Apple TV+. Supplied

“On the Rocks” — on Apple TV+ and set in New York — is just as sentimental and sweet as “Lost in Translation.” As Coppola’s latest adventure begins, we see Felix, who has made his millions as an art dealer, in the lap of luxury with a chauffeured Mercedes, first-class hotels and sensational magic in his persona. But having divorced his wife many moons ago, he longs to nurture the relationship with his daughter Laura, who is married to the very successful Dean (Marlon Wayans) with two lovely daughters. 

However, in a kind of mid-marriage crisis, Laura begins to have doubts about Dean’s fidelity, especially after he gets busy with his new professional venture that takes him away on frequent trips. His “leggy” assistant, Fiona, accompanies him, and Laura confides this to her dad, who weaves stories of all that could be happening between Dean and his assistant. Felix suggests that they follow the possibly philandering husband, and a troubled Laura gets talked into it.

“On the Rocks” has great moments, and is compelling to a great extent. Supplied

All this leads to hilarious situations with Felix always being in command, even when cops catch him speeding as he is trying to tail Dean’s cab. Wittily calm and composed, he is the sort of guy who will unabashedly say to a passing stranger that she looks ravishing and get away with it, much to his daughter’s consternation.

“On the Rocks” has great moments, and is compelling to a great extent, with Murray engaging us with full-of-life banter. Jones matches up to him, a nervous wife tottering on the edge of what has been a great marriage. She hides her angst with remarkable alacrity, trying to play a good mother to her kids, while her dad leads her up the garden path. “On the Rocks” is happily no weepy tale, and Coppola spices it up.