Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers release statement slamming Nissan inquiry

Carlos Ghosn says the investigation has not been fair. (File/AFP)
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Updated 08 January 2020

Carlos Ghosn’s lawyers release statement slamming Nissan inquiry

Former Nissan Chairman Carlos Ghosn’s defense team outside of Japan has shared a statement with local media questioning the car manufacturer’s motives in the ex-CEO’s investigation.

His lawyers’ statement questioned the credibility of Nissan’s claim that it conducted “a robust, thorough internal investigation”

“Rather, the facts demonstrate that investigation was never about finding the truth; it was initiated and carried out for the specific, predetermined purpose of taking down Carlos Ghosn to prevent him from further integrating Nissan and Renault, which threatened the independence of Nissan, one of Japan’s iconic, flagship companies,” the statement continued.

And he said an executive member of Nissan was in charge of putting over this message.

“No reputable company continues to employ as a senior trusted executive, an individual who pled guilty to a crime, much less permit that individual to conduct the investigation of the very conduct in which he was directly involved.”

The statement went on to question the independence of the investigation and added: “Although the supposedly ‘robust, thorough internal investigation’ purportedly found evidence of wrongdoing by Carlos Ghosn, it failed to discover evidence of Saikawa’s wrongdoing, which surfaced only after statements by Greg Kelly.”

The statement added that “Nissan never once sought to interview Carlos Ghosn concerning the matters under investigation, and even to this date has failed to share with Ghosn or the public the reports of the investigation or the evidence against him it purported to find.”

Ghosn is set to hold a press conference with about 50 media organizations Wednesday afternoon in Beirut.

Arab News contacted Nissan and asked for a response to Ghosn’s claims, and was referred to a statement it published the day before his lawyers spoke out.

The Nissan statement concluded: “The company will continue to take appropriate legal action to hold Ghosn accountable for the harm that his misconduct has caused to Nissan.”

LIVE: Middle East continues containment measures as coronavirus red zone shifts to the West

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LIVE: Middle East continues containment measures as coronavirus red zone shifts to the West

DUBAI: Middle East countries continue to implement containment measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus as cases topped 850,000 and over 42,000 deaths globally.

The pandemic red zone has shifted west from China, with the United States now harder hit than any other country, with almost 200,000 cases.

The coronavirus scourge in Europe is also being felt in Italy, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom, with more than a quarter-of-a-million cases and rising, as people slowly start to follow official advice to stay at home and follow social distancing.

Wednesday, April 1 (All times in GMT)

05:34 – China’s National Health Commission on Wednesday reported 36 new COVID-19 cases, one day after announcing that asymptomatic cases will now be included in the official count.

04:26 – The total US death toll from the coronavirus pandemic topped 4,000 early Wednesday, more than double the number from three days earlier, according to a tally by Johns Hopkins University.

04:21 – The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Germany has risen to 67,366 and 732 people have died of the disease, statistics from the Robert Koch Institute for infectious diseases showed on Wednesday.

02:54 – New York city’s coronavirus death toll surpassed 1,000 as an overwhelmed health system embraced the arrival of hundreds of additional paramedics, EMTs and ambulances. The lifeline of health care support includes 500 paramedics and EMTs and 250 more ambulances, city officials said.

02:20 – China’s decision to lock down the city of Wuhan, ground zero for the global COVID-19 pandemic, may have prevented more than 700,000 new cases by delaying the spread of the virus, researchers said.

01:15 – Mexico’s health ministry registered 1,215 cases of coronavirus in the country, up from 1,094 the day before. It also said 29 people died from the virus in Mexico, up from 28 a day earlier.

00:58 – Kuwait announced measures aimed at shoring up its economy against the coronavirus pandemic, including soft long-term loans from local banks, and the central bank asked banks to ease loan repayments for companies affected. READ THE STORY

00:57 – The coronavirus pandemic killed a record 865 people in the United States in the 24 hours intoTuesday evening, according to a tally compiled by Johns Hopkins University. The United States now has 188,172 confirmed cases, by far the highest of any country, ahead of Italy, Spain and China.

Tuesday, March 31 (All times in GMT)

23:00 – The UAE’s Ministry of Interior has suspended the requirement for permits to travel during the government nighttime national disinfection program.

“In response to the commitment of the public and their adherence to all precautionary measures,” the ministry was “suspending all permits, programs and applications of vehicles nationwide during the National Disinfection Programme were cancelled,” the ministry said.

22:12 – Australian authorities said they will open a pop-up coronavirus testing clinic next to Sydney’s Bondi Beach on Wednesday as health workers try to contain clusters of infections across the country.

22:00 – Tunisia has recorded 32 new cases of coronavirus, increasing the toll to 394.

21:49 – Morocco has confirmed 15 new coronavirus cases, bringing total to 617.

21:30 – El Salvador registered its first death from coronavirus, President Nayib Bukele said on Twitter.

20:00 – The Lebanese Cabinet approved a plan aiming to bring home starting April 5 thousands of Lebanese expatriates stranded abroad due to the coronavirus pandemic, Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad said. The Cabinet also decided to provide LL400,000 to needy families, who have lost jobs or have been badly affected by the crippling economic and financial crisis and the government’s lockdown measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus.

19:47 – Iraq has detected 65 new coronavirus cases, increasing the toll to 694.

19:32 – Tunisia’s President Kais Saied decided to extend coronavirus curfew for another two weeks.

16:00 – The Egyptian Ministry of Health recorded 54 new positive cases for COVID-19 virus to have the number of the infected rising to 710, 157 of them recovered, and 46 died. It also allocated two hotlines – 080-8880700 and 0220816831 – to provide psychological support for citizens staying at home as part of the precautionary measures taken by the state to counter the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

14:29 – Algeria has reported nine new deaths and 132 new coronavirus cases, bringing totals to 44 and 716.

14:09 – Oman will activate starting April 1 check points for restrict the movements of citizens and residents between the entries and exits of all the Sultanate’s governorates as part of precautionary measures and decrees issued to deal with the spread of the coronavirus.

14:08 – Oman reported 13 new cases of the coronavirus in the last 24 hours, bringing the total number of confirmed cases in the country to 192, the Ministry of Health said.