Saudi space program to establish national training base

The space group’s first project will be a satellite system to be built in the UAE. (Shutterstock)
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Updated 20 February 2020

Saudi space program to establish national training base

  • The program encourages interest in scientific research

RIYADH: The Space Generations Program (Ajyal) launched by the Saudi Space Commission will contribute towards establishing a national base for human capital in the space sector, said Abdul Aziz Al Al-Sheikh, CEO of the Saudi Space Commission.

The program, he said, encourages interest in scientific research and learning various sciences in the areas of innovation: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM).

Al-Sheikh added that the program was striving to cooperate with specialized academic circles to achieve further progress in research related to space science and its applications.

The program also aims to create a prosperous educational environment in the Kingdom by establishing a stimulating and enabling environment for the space sector to be a platform that launches economic and scientific paths.

“We derive our inspiration from the experience of Prince Sultan bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, chairman of the board of directors of the Saudi Space Commission, and his team, who were passionate, creative and determined to reach space,” said Al-Sheikh.

He added that the scientific team that supported the prince’s journey included a group of scientists as well as the most skilled technicians, designers and creative thinkers who contributed to achieving this dream.

The CEO said that the success of the trip was a result of the efforts of the entire team. “The Saudi Space Commission seeks to form a similar dream team that contributes to achieving our ambitious vision for the future of the space sector in the Kingdom,” he added.

Director general of the Space Generations Program, Ilham Al-Harbi, explained that the program had a comprehensive set of goals and strategic visions that aim to instill inspiration in generations to achieve leadership in space science.

She said that the program also aimed to build and develop future generations of Saudi space scientists and turn their dreams into a reality.

Saudi CERT warns against phishing attacks in relation to COVID-19

Updated 10 April 2020

Saudi CERT warns against phishing attacks in relation to COVID-19

JEDDAH: The Saudi Computer Emergency Response Team (Saudi CERT) has warned that people are using the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic to initiate online phishing scams and attempt to steal personal information.

“Be careful and beware of messages that you could receive from fake accounts under the name of  the Ministry of Health asking you to click on an unknown link,” Saudi CERT wrote on Twitter.

Saudi CERT shared a number of tips to avoid falling for such scams: “Continuously follow reliable news sources from the Ministry of Health’s official accounts, make sure that the messages received are from official accounts and check with the sender before opening anonymous links.”