Lebanese influencer Nour Arida is face of Tous jewelry

Nour Arida
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Updated 24 February 2020

Lebanese influencer Nour Arida is face of Tous jewelry

Spanish jewelry, accessories and fashion retailer Tous’ Valentine’s Day collection celebrates love with a new advertising campaign targeting the Saudi market.

The company unveiled the result of its collaboration with Lebanese fashion blogger Nour Arida, who was the subject of a photo and video shoot for the Tous campaign in Barcelona, Spain. The photoshoot features Arida wearing Tous Valentine’s Day jewelry as well as special gold pieces from the brand’s latest collection. 

“The advertising campaign captures the romantic side of love, reflected in the wholesome connection between the young fashionista and her husband who appeared with her in the photos,” the brand said.

In a romantic setting, Arida showcased the “Heart and Key” collection, especially designed by Tous in celebration of Valentine’s Day. Spontaneous photographs and videos were taken for her, which will be used in stores to promote the brand’s newest collection in the Saudi market. 

The collection features earrings, rings and bracelets with modern designs, all made from precious materials including sterling silver, in addition to yellow and rose gold. “While adding a romantic touch to every piece, the refined materials have been shaped into intricate designs that highlight the savoir-faire of Tous designers and their great attention to detail,” a statement said.

The collection also includes selected pieces especially made for customers in the Saudi market, in an effort to better cater to their needs. 

Tous also launched “Hold,” a collection that “redefines the rules of jewelry making,” and features pieces adorned with pearls, gold and diamond inserts, as well as precious stones.

“Tous’ new collection has proven once more that the company’s major focus will remain on providing the modern woman with innovative, unique and fashion-forward designs. The lovely heart motifs and the famous Tous bears are undeniably the most romantic elements of the collection as they adorn bracelets, necklaces and earrings, embodying love in the most adorable way,” a statement said. 

Tous’ latest handbag collection features chic and pretty models, mostly in red, the color of love and romance. 

The bags come in various silhouettes, underlining the creativity of the brand’s handbag designers.

YORK’s sustainable cooling solutions in Grand Mosque

Updated 05 August 2020

YORK’s sustainable cooling solutions in Grand Mosque

HVAC company Al-Salem Johnson Controls (YORK), which operates the “Ajyad” and “Al-Shamiya” cooling stations located in Makkah’s Grand Mosque, ensured that pilgrims performing the Hajj rituals this year did so in a cool and pleasant atmosphere inside Al-Haram.
“YORK is proud to serve the guests of Allah in Makkah Al-Mukarramah by accompanying the pilgrims in their Hajj rituals and providing a fresh and cool ambience throughout their Hajj journey, especially in Makkah’s Grand Mosque,” the company said.
According to YORK, the total cooling capacity of the two cooling plants is 159,000 tons (equivalent to the cooling required for 15,000 medium-sized apartments). YORK chillers pump the chilled water to more than 1,000 Saudi-made air handling units (AHUs) located inside the Grand Mosque, which then distribute 100 percent fresh and cool air that reaches every corner of Al-Haram. The chillers’ latest technologies and the AHUs’ highly efficient filtration system help to maintain the required temperature and humidity levels necessary for ensuring a comfortable ambience for the pilgrims.
The cooling capacity is regulated by the number of pilgrims and worshippers inside the Grand Mosque. Thus, owing to the reduced number of pilgrims this year, the total cooling capacity was halved to nearly 80,000 tons (equivalent to the cooling of 8,000 medium-sized apartments), provided through 63 YORK chillers located inside the Ajyad and Al-Shamiyah cooling plants.


Owing to the reduced number of pilgrims this year, the total cooling capacity was halved to nearly 80,000 tons, provided through 63 YORK chillers located inside the Ajyad and Al-Shamiyah cooling plants in the Grand Mosque.

The company has designed a highly efficient and smart ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration system for Al-Haram, taking into account the crowded nature of the location as well as the ability of the cooling stations to adapt to the Grand Mosque’s ongoing expansion project.
The Al-Shamiyah plant, which is one of the two world’s largest cooling plants of its kind, contains 24 YORK OM centrifugal chillers. The chillers have been customized and engineered especially to meet the requirements of the Grand Mosque. Its special industrial design helps in long-term operation with high efficiency, while the variable-speed drive (VSD) technology contributes in reducing the annual energy consumption by about 30 percent, in addition to reducing the amount of sound.
These chillers feature “smart control,” which enables the chillers to estimate the rate of congestion inside Al-Haram by calculating the difference between the temperature of the water that is pumped to and from the mosque. Accordingly, the chiller increases or decreases the cooling capacity in proportion to the size of the crowds inside the mosque. The plant offers sustainable cooling solutions as its chillers use a chilled water system with an eco-friendly refrigerant.
In addition to the more than 100 operation and maintenance technicians stationed around the clock inside the Grand Mosque to ensure the efficient operation of the cooling stations and quick handling of any untoward incidents, the company dedicated an additional response team during Hajj to quickly respond to any maintenance requests or emergency situations.