Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goulart hit the dunes in Abu Dhabi

A slew of fashion stars have been spotted in Abu Dhabi this past week. (Instagram/@alessandraambrosio)
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Updated 09 March 2020

Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goulart hit the dunes in Abu Dhabi

DUBAI: Brazilian models Alessandra Ambrosio and Izabel Goulart appear to be taking a well-deserved break after a busy fashion month, where they were spotted on and off the runways of Paris and London.

The jet-setters are currently vacationing together in the UAE and are making sure that their combined 14.9 million Instagram followers can live vicariously through them by documenting their Abu Dhabi getaway on their respective social media platforms.

The former Victoria’s Secret models have shared updates from their trip to the capital on their Instagram accounts over the past few days and it seems as though they have been making the most of their time in the UAE.

If Instagram is any indication, the models are splitting their time staying between Abu Dhabi’s Edition hotel and a private villa at luxury resort Zaya Nurai Island.

The pair have also been partaking in a number of activities, including quad biking at the Al-Khatim Desert.

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Adventure in the desert

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“Adventure in the desert,” wrote Goulart alongside a picture of herself posing on top of a dune buggy.

They also made sure to pay a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during their trip.

Also on the itinerary was a traditional dinner that consisted of Arabic mezze at a desert camp followed by a belly dancing show.

The Brazilian models weren’t the only ones spotted in the emirate this past week.

Spanish-Dutch model Cindy Kimberly is also living it up in Abu Dhabi, taking to Instagram to share a series of photographs of herself donning a hijab at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.

“Most beautiful day at the most beautiful place,” she captioned the images.

The 21-year-old also went jet skiing at Nurai Island during her vacation.  

Fashion influencers Veronica Bieli, Natalia Paragoni and Negin Mirsalehi are also holidaying in the UAE capital.

Mirsalehi, who founded the honey-infused haircare label Gisou, planned the trip to celebrate her mother’s 60th birthday.

The Iranian fashion star and her family enjoyed dinner — and cake — at Abu Dhabi’s Sontaya Restaurant. 

Gerard Butler talks family and high-octane action films

Updated 30 September 2020

Gerard Butler talks family and high-octane action films

LOS ANGELES: Hollywood’s latest disaster movie offering, “Greenland,” sees humanity threatened by a comet on a collision course with Earth — Arab News sat down with stars Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin to find out more about the high-octane film.

While many disaster movies focus on experts in big-picture attempts to stop the disaster, “Greenland” keeps the stakes personal by following the Garrity family as they journey to find shelter before it’s too late.

“This story is so relatable because this guy, he’s not a Secret Service agent. He’s not a superhero,” Butler said of his character, John Garrity. “He’s just a dad and he’s not even a perfect dad.”

“Greenland” follows the Garrity family as they journey to find shelter before it’s too late. Supplied

As meteorites decimate cities and people give in to panic, the estranged Garrity family grows closer, mirroring Butler’s real-life relationships with his parents, who despite having not seen him in months due to COVID-19 restrictions, are still just as doting as ever. 

“It’s very sweet that they still care and you’re still their little boy,” Butler said, adding that he mined his relationship with his parents for insight on how to play a caring father. “That definitely helped me in the role, to play that father who will do anything in these trying times to try and protect his family in the midst of this craziness.”

The film was directed by Ric Roman Waugh. Supplied

And while their characters were growing closer, the actors formed a tight knit group as well. Co-star Morena Baccarin told Arab News that she coached and comforted the actor playing the family’s young son — Roger Dale Flloyd — and that she and Butler became good friends on set.

“There are days where you’re just so tired and you’re not in the mood or you don’t want to put yourself through the ringer emotionally,” Baccarin — who plays estranged wife Allison Garrity — said, adding “we just could check in with each other and be there for each other and that was really nice.”

Directed by Ric Roman Waugh, the film has faced repeated delays in the US, but has already hit the big screens in some international markets — including Saudi Arabia and the UAE — where COVID-19 regulations have been amended.