What is eyebrow lamination and how does it work? Here’s the beauty lowdown

Eyebrow lamination is a full-proof way to avoid smudgy eyebrows and also helps cut the makeup process. (Getty)
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Updated 14 May 2020

What is eyebrow lamination and how does it work? Here’s the beauty lowdown

DUBAI: The transformative powers of a set of perfectly-groomed eyebrows are undeniable, so it is no wonder that the brow-boosting treatment eyebrow lamination has skyrocketed to popularity in recent months.

With the instant ability to add the kind of definition and depth to your arches that even the best brow pencil can’t replicate, the treatment is being lamented as the new microblading. Plus, with the Middle Eastern climate, eyebrow lamination is a full-proof way to avoid smudgy eyebrows and also helps cut the makeup process.




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“Brow lamination is perfect for those who want bold, thick eyebrows without the fuss of makeup,” said Kavitha Bhoopathy, eyebrow expert at Sister’s Beauty Lounge in Dubai. 

Patsy Kerr, hair stroke eyebrow expert, agrees, sharing that eyebrow lamination is “particularly great for people who have eyebrow hairs that droop or don’t stay in place.” 

To begin the process, Bhoopathy explained, “We start by brushing all your individual eyebrow hairs up before applying a fixing lotion to smooth them out and keep them in the desired shape.” For a dramatic effect, eyebrows are then tinted — normally in the same shade as one’s hair color — to give the appearance of extra fullness.

“Brow lamination can last up to eight weeks if properly cared for,” shared Bhoopathy. To prolong the results, the brow technician suggests not wetting the brows for 24 hours, avoiding putting oil-based products on the brows, combing them out regularly and using a conditioning serum to hydrate the treated area as the fixing lotion comprises ammonia hydroperoxide, which can be drying.

However, Kerr doesn’t recommend the treatment for those who have naturally fine or thin eyebrow hairs. “Other potential side effects can include frizzing of the eyebrow hair if the lifting or setting solutions are left on for too long,” the brow expert states.

However, the 45-minute treatment is ideal for those whose hair grows in an irregular direction or who have gaps in their eyebrows as it creates the appearance of full, perfectly-groomed arches.



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Unlike microblading, which is a semi-permanent treatment that involves implanting pigment under the skin, brow lamination is non-invasive and works on the hairs, not the dermis. Plus, it costs a fraction of the price, going for $68 (250 AED) at Sister’s Beauty Lounge in The Dubai Mall.

When researching the treatment, it’s important to seek out a professional practitioner who is qualified to carry out the procedure to avoid any potential adverse reactions, including skin tingling, itching or hair loss.

As always, consult with your brow expert or dermatologist before embarking on any new treatment as everyone’s skin is different.

Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour receives BAFTA nomination

Youssef Kerkour is nominated for Best Male Comedy Performance for his role as Sami Ibrahim in the comedy series “Home.” (Instagram)
Updated 04 June 2020

Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour receives BAFTA nomination

DUBAI: Moroccan actor Youssef Kerkour has landed a nomination for the 2020 British Academy Film Awards (BAFTA), the academy announced on Thursday, after the awards were postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The actor, who grew up in Rabat, is nominated for Best Male Comedy Performance for his role as Sami Ibrahim in the comedy series “Home.”

Kerkour, who is also known for roles in “Dracula,” “Redemption,” “Criminal” and “Marcella,” took to Twitter to thank his supporters. 

“Thank you all for your lovely messages this morning. It is a tremendous honor to be nominated in such stellar company,” the 41-year-old actor said.


La famille MAISON @channel4 #home #season2

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The series, created by British writer and actor Rufus Jones, follows a middle-class London family who find a Syrian asylum seeker named Sami (Kerkour) hiding in their luggage while returning from holiday in France.

Kerkour’s tweet also paid tribute to Jones. 

“I must however say that there is a name missing IMO (in my opinion). That name is Rufus Jones. His writing will give you nominations,” he wrote.