Orjuwan Khaled Al-Mohammed

Orjuwan Khaled Al-Mohammed
Al-Mohammed is a dialysis nurse. (Supplied)
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Updated 23 September 2020

Orjuwan Khaled Al-Mohammed

Orjuwan Khaled Al-Mohammed
  • Dialysis nurse
  • King Abdulaziz Hospital in Jeddah

The most difficult moment was when I decided to leave my home to protect my family, it was really hard because I didn’t know if I’ll be back to them again or it is our last time seeing each other as cases began to rise dramatically.  Many of the COVID patients began having kidney problems, therefore as dialysis nurses, we were working at the frontline with the COVID-19 team. At one point, half of the team got infected with the virus, and we had to work harder and compensate for our colleagues’ absence to save patients’ lives. It was very stressful and we were working under high pressure with no breaks.

As soon as we returned to our rooms, we had to wash our clothes and sanitize everything, eat our dinner, sleep and get up the next day continuing to fight and save patients’ lives.

We were extremely exhausted emotionally, mentally, and physically, but we didn’t give up. Whenever a patients’ status improves from hemodialysis and the COVID-19 treatment protocol, that in itself gives us the energy to complete our mission. Praise and grace be to God. Indeed, we were heroes on the battlefield fighting an enemy we did not know anything about and we couldn't see. Despite that, we won the battle.

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