Georges Hobeika proves his gowns are coveted the world over

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Updated 18 October 2020

Georges Hobeika proves his gowns are coveted the world over

DUBAI: Lebanese couturier Georges Hobeika has proven yet again that his designs are coveted the world over, with leading ladies from the US, to Paris and China’s Hunan region showing off his gowns in recent days.

First up was US singer and actress Jennifer Hudson, who was photographed in Los Angeles for Entertainment Weekly wearing a pastel number from Hobeika’s Spring/Summer 2020 couture collection.

The gown featured a lilac tulle skirt, topped with a mint green neckline and flowing tulle cape in the same fresh shade.

Over in Paris, German influencer Leonie Hanne treated her 2.7 million followers to a video in which she can be spotted wearing one of Hobeika’s glamorous creations, also from his Spring/Summer 2020 couture collection.

The trend-setter filmed herself posing in a Parisian hotel room in an array of spots — from standing on the bed, heels and all, to draped in a bathtub — all while wearing a sunshine yellow ballgown.

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That feeling when wearing a stunning dress...

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“That feeling when wearing a stunning dress,” she captioned the video.  

The ruffled, tiered skirt and oversized, asymmetrical frill on the neckline make this dress worthy of even the most glittering red carpet, but the influencer had to settle for her luxurious hotel suite given the international lull in fashion events.

That wasn’t the case in China over the weekend, however. Actress Guan Xiaotong managed to hit the red carpet at the opening ceremony of the China Golden Eagle TV Art Festival on Oct. 16 in Hunan Province wearing an ice blue gown by the Lebanese fashion house.

Sparkling embroidered flowers adorn the pleated tulle skirt, topped by a nude bodice in the show-stopping gown that also hails from the same collection.

Hobeika’s Spring/Summer 2020 couture collection was unveiled in Paris in January and is a reflection of the designer’s favorite inspirations — “the force of nature,” “the ecstasy of freedom” and the “philosophy of entertainment” — according to the show notes.

The collection also came with exquisite, well-placed embroidery in a rich palette of neutrals and playful tones, as well as luxurious materials such as satin duchesse and silk chiffon — elements that have made the Baskinta-born designer revered by the royals and red carpet stars that make up his loyal clientele.

Indeed, celebrities constantly turn to Hobeika to dress them in his creations for some of their most important events. Case in point: Singer-turned-actress Jennifer Lopez who chose an elegant off-the-shoulder black gown for the 2020 Screen Actors Guild Awards and before that, a cream-colored, backless gown encrusted with gems at the 2020 Critics’ Choice Awards.

‘On the Rocks’ — Bill Murray is a steal in this dad-daughter outing

Updated 25 October 2020

‘On the Rocks’ — Bill Murray is a steal in this dad-daughter outing

CHENNAI: Bill Murray is the most endearing aspect from “On the Rocks,” Sofia Coppola’s seventh film as writer-director. Behind his trademark deadpan expression, Murray still has twinkle and mischief in his eyes. And he brings out the same kind of lonely wistfulness we saw in his earlier association with Coppola in 2003’s “Lost in Translation,” in which he and Scarlett Johansson meet in a Tokyo hotel and find comfort in each other. There was no romance there, as there is none in his latest outing as Felix. Daughter Laura (played by Rashida Jones, who has starred in “I Love You, Man” and “The Social Network”) is troubled thinking that her life is about to go into a tailspin. 

“On the Rocks” is now on Apple TV+. Supplied

“On the Rocks” — on Apple TV+ and set in New York — is just as sentimental and sweet as “Lost in Translation.” As Coppola’s latest adventure begins, we see Felix, who has made his millions as an art dealer, in the lap of luxury with a chauffeured Mercedes, first-class hotels and sensational magic in his persona. But having divorced his wife many moons ago, he longs to nurture the relationship with his daughter Laura, who is married to the very successful Dean (Marlon Wayans) with two lovely daughters. 

However, in a kind of mid-marriage crisis, Laura begins to have doubts about Dean’s fidelity, especially after he gets busy with his new professional venture that takes him away on frequent trips. His “leggy” assistant, Fiona, accompanies him, and Laura confides this to her dad, who weaves stories of all that could be happening between Dean and his assistant. Felix suggests that they follow the possibly philandering husband, and a troubled Laura gets talked into it.

“On the Rocks” has great moments, and is compelling to a great extent. Supplied

All this leads to hilarious situations with Felix always being in command, even when cops catch him speeding as he is trying to tail Dean’s cab. Wittily calm and composed, he is the sort of guy who will unabashedly say to a passing stranger that she looks ravishing and get away with it, much to his daughter’s consternation.

“On the Rocks” has great moments, and is compelling to a great extent, with Murray engaging us with full-of-life banter. Jones matches up to him, a nervous wife tottering on the edge of what has been a great marriage. She hides her angst with remarkable alacrity, trying to play a good mother to her kids, while her dad leads her up the garden path. “On the Rocks” is happily no weepy tale, and Coppola spices it up.