Updated 24 August 2021
Khaoula Ghanem

How to transition your kids back to school

How to transition your kids back to school

Dr. Carolyn Yaffe, Clinical Psychologist at Dubai’s Medcare Camali Mental Health Clinic, shares her top tips for helping your kids transition back to school fulltime after one-year of remote learning.

  • Observe their behaviors

    Upon their return to school, keep watch for signs of depression and anxiety. Some symptoms may include becoming withdrawn, develop difficulties sleeping, or their stress might manifest in abdominal or other physical pain.

  • Validate their feelings

    If your children show any signs of depression or anxiety, validate their feelings. Your support can help them continue to be honest with you.

  • Reassure them

    At the same time, reassure kids that they are safe, and that the schools are following public health guidelines. Try to make them feel confident and comfortable, and that you are doing everything in your power to keep them safe.

  • Create a routine

    Children should be encouraged to socialize with their friends and participate in activities under parents’ supervision.

  • Keep them busy

    Ensure they are distracted by involving them in various activities while educating them about following hygiene habits and social distancing.

  • Safety first

    Keep emphasizing COVID-19 measures like wearing a mask, social distancing, and frequent handwashing, as the pandemic is not over yet.