Top streaming services that are not Netflix or Prime


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Updated 04 November 2021



Owners: Karim Safieddine and Maroun Najm.

Launched: 2012.

Headquarters: Beirut, Lebanon.

Head: Karim Safieddine, CEO, Cinemoz.

Subscription: Free, premium advertising for on-demand devices available

Cinemoz is an ad-based streaming service launched in 2012 and the fastest-growing premium video-on-demand platform in the Arab World. It distributes free films and is monetized through premium advertising for on-demand devices.

It is the largest online library of Arab feature films in the world and houses movies from Egypt’s golden era of cinema, most notably flicks starring actors such as Abdel Halim Hafez, Omar Sharif, and Faten Hamama.

Cinemoz employs the advertised video-on-demand model, which offers limited but targeted content, meaning less browsing and more watching for users. The platform is part of Moz Media, which owns and operates a group of mass media companies focused on film and TV entertainment.

Moz Media rolled out Moz Originals: The Return of Arab Imagination, an original content channel exclusively for Arab genre and entertainment.

Popular original content: “Stand-up Baladi,” “Rabih TV,” “Arabs in Space,” “Last Days of the Man of Tomorrow,” “Above,” and “Habibi.”