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Updated 04 November 2021



Owner: Habibi Collective.

Launched: 2018.

Headquarters: London, UK.

Head: Róisín Tapponi, founder, Habibi Collective.

Subscription: £9.99 per month or £99.99 per year.

Shasha is a unique streaming platform dedicated entirely to South-West Asian and North African (SWANA) cinema. It aims to feature a fresh round of 20 films every month, curated around a certain theme that is socially, politically and culturally relevant to the region.

The platform is part of Habibi Collective, an open-access resource, digital archive, podcast and curatorial platform for women’s filmmaking from SWANA founded by Róisín Tapponi in 2018.

The films are selected by an all-female team from the region. The platform is available all around the world with all films featured in the original language with English subtitles.

Featured content: “A Feeling Greater than Love”, “Heaven Without People”, “Free Range”, “Headbang Lullaby”