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Sara El Yafi

Sara El Yafi
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Updated 02 December 2021

Sara El Yafi

Sara El Yafi

Current occupation: Director of Yafi Capital

Education: BA in political science from the American University of Beirut, MA in public policy from the Harvard Kennedy School

Nationality: Lebanese

Sara El-Yafi is a public policy and political expert who worked as a political adviser in Lebanon for many years. She is currently the director of Yafi Capital, an investment and holding company based in Lebanon.

Over the past years, El-Yafi has developed a strong expertise in renewable energy, particularly in waste-to-energy transformation. Given the 2016 waste crisis, El-Yafi worked closely with key stakeholders in Lebanon to advise them on sustainable solutions to the crisis.

El-Yafi leads the impact investing initiative at Yafi Capital which is mainly focused on investments in renewable energy and environmentally-focused initiatives.

As an established commentator and writer, El-Yafi is regularly featured across major news channels, including CNN, France 24, Al Jazeera, and the BBC, and has built a strong following among a global community of readers.