Most valuable Arab Telecom Brands of 2021 (according to Brand Finance Telecoms 150)

Du (UAE)

Du (UAE)
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Updated 24 March 2022

Du (UAE)

Du (UAE)

Country: UAE

Global rank: 62

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, commercially rebranded as du in 2007, is one of the two main telecom operators in the UAE, offering fixed line, mobile telephony, internet and digital television services across the UAE.

The company also provides carrier services, a data hub, internet exchange facilities and satellite service for broadcasters. It expanded its services in support of the economic and social transformation of the UAE.

Founded in 2006, du supports the Emiratization policy of the UAE government by creating jobs, offering learning opportunities, and encouraging growth and development for citizens. As of 2021, du’s total workforce comprises 585 or 37.8 percent Emiratis with women constituting 52 percent. 

In 2020, du empowered families, schools, universities, and businesses in the UAE by enabling everyone to be connected anytime, and anywhere. It is the official strategic partner of the Smart Dubai Office and the platform provider for Dubai Pulse.