Diriyah, Jewel of the Kingdom: Noura Al-Juhaimi: A rising star from Diriyah at DGDA

Noura Al-Juhaimi
Noura Al-Juhaimi
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Updated 26 August 2022

Diriyah, Jewel of the Kingdom: Noura Al-Juhaimi: A rising star from Diriyah at DGDA

Noura Al-Juhaimi

Noura Al-Juhaimi has been a community engagement specialist at the Diriyah Gate Development Authority since the start of the year.

Al-Juhaimi comes from Diriyah and is a highly experienced professional candidate, having managed and led teams in private and government sectors for more than 10 years, and has a strong track record in the project management office field, with efficient and effective performance.

Al-Juhaimi aims to overcome challenges and exceed targets; she is passionate about the field of engagement and communication within the organizations for both internal and external stakeholders, which highlights her competitive edge in her current position in the corporate communication department.

Since joining DGDA this year, she has worked on team capability and strength building, departmental strategy, oversight and management of community shared values initiatives, projects and events, relationship building with the Diriyah community, and collaborating with other departments on projects and initiatives.

Between 2019 and 2022, she worked at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development as a project manager in the corporate communication department, including work on an identity change project for the ministry.

From 2014 to 2019, Al-Juhaimi worked as relationships and contracts manager at the internal communication department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

She led the team to successful negotiation and final completion of more than 30 agreements with several organizations, and provided distinguished high-added value services to the ministry’s employees, reflected in high satisfaction levels.

Al-Juhaimi also managed key internal events and supervised successful implementation, ensuring full adherence to branding protocols and a positive impression of the events.

She was the director of the public relations department at Tuwaiq and its subsidiaries company between 2012 and 2014.

At MIND Engineering Consultancy, she worked as deputy executive director between 2010 and 2012, leading the contract design drafts and as a key account manager for all National Water Co. projects across the Kingdom.

Al-Juhaimi received her bachelor’s degree in business administration, specializing in facilities management, from the College of Administrative Sciences, King Saud University, in 2006.

She has done several courses including an administrative creativity course, a performance indicators course, and a change management course.