Saudi coaching entity Eunoia uses AI to support employee well-being

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Updated 25 September 2022

Saudi coaching entity Eunoia uses AI to support employee well-being

Saudi coaching entity Eunoia uses AI to support employee well-being
  • We’re looking at whether a company provides motivating environment for employees: Founder

RIYADH: Eunoia, a Riyadh-based coaching entity, has taken the lead in using artificial intelligence to support employee well-being in the marketplace.

“When we say well-being, we’re not necessarily just talking about their health, but we’re also talking about their mental health, we’re looking at whether a company provides a motivating environment for employees to become better versions of themselves,” Maha Taibah, founder of Eunoia, told Arab News on the sidelines of the second Global AI Summit in Riyadh.

The event was organized by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority under the theme, “Artificial Intelligence for the Good of Humanity.”

Eunoia was established in 2018 to offer growth-centric coaching that transcends standard coaching methods on an individual and group basis.

Taibah believes that humans are always able to reinvent themselves in relation to emerging innovations.

“As humans, we always reinvent ourselves. Before the Internet, we thought that people were going to go out of jobs because the Internet was coming. I think we have the capacity to evolve as human beings and whatever will be consumed by AI, we will definitely top it with something else that we are capable of. The human brain is magical,” she said.

Taibah is committed to youth development, bringing together public and private sector organizations to help shape their future by preparing them for their roles in society through innovative methods and carefully designed programs and products.

According to Taibah, Saudi Arabia is very well positioned to become a global player in technology with a large percentage of the population below 30 and keen to engage in innovation and technology.

“We are a very young nation, Saudi Arabia is 70 percent under 30, and we adopt technology very quickly,” she remarked.

Taibah believes that AI can be incorporated in multiple business sectors and startups can maximize its benefits.

“The trick here is really to understand how AI can serve the sector that you are interested in, it is the future and the future is already here,” Taibah added.