Jeddah summer fest full of fun and frolic

By K.S. Ramkumar, Arab News Staff
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Thu, 2002-08-01 03:00

JEDDAH, 1 August — As the curtain comes down today on this year’s Jeddah summer festival, visitors and vacationers, especially children, have had a rich fare of entertainment with some of the popular TV characters coming alive on stage.

Digital Heroes, as seen on Space-toon TV, was one of the live shows staged at the Jeddah Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s International Exhibition & Convention Center. “The show — three times every evening — became so popular with children that it had to be extended by 10 days, until Tuesday night. We’ve succeeded in staging one of the popular adventures, to the accompaniment of music,” Mohieddin Saadieh, general manager of Arabian Company for Entertainment Events Ltd. (ACE Events) told Arab News yesterday.

“The show became popular with children because of the popularity Space-toon. Venus Production Studio, a Syrian animation production company, staged it with its 10-member unit with director-actor Yahya Al-Qufri as its director.

“Shark - face-to-face” is another show in the city, at the Jeddah Science & Technology Center, that has been a star attraction for children and families since June 20. It was open to individuals in the morning hours and families thronged it in the evening hours that stretched up to midnight.

By far, the show that continues to entertain children and families at the Ministry of Education Stadium is Spider-Man. It is described as the “ultimate live performance” that will continue for four more days. This another event that is attracting families and children every evening.

All these shows are organized by ACE Events.

Big Top, which ended its showing on Friday after a six-week run organized by another company, had nearly 3,000 spectators cheering international artists for their stunts show after show.

According to Saadieh, Spider-Man, which is being staged live by a 15-member British team from Universal Shows, has been a big attraction because of the movie of the same title.

“In fact, Jeddah became the venue for the live show’s world premier that coincided with the release of the movie,” Saadieh added. They go to Belgium next and onward to the United States where they will tour 13 states.

“There are lots of stunts in recovery of a stolen diamond. Cars and motor cycles used in recovery of the diamond have given a thrilling dimension to the storyline,” he said.

“The Wonders of China,” staged by ACE Events at its Festival Village at Al-Hada Road in Taif, also ended its monthlong showing on Friday. Acrobats and stunts of Chinese performers in three shows daily thrilled the audience.

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