quotes Envisioning a greater Saudi future

17 February 2023
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Updated 26 October 2023

Envisioning a greater Saudi future

Our pride as Saudi citizens stems from our history. Our culture and heritage does not only make us unique, it also reminds us of who we are. Today, we look back at our past to inspire the younger generation.

It’s often overlooked how much progress can be made if goals are identified clearly.

Since the country’s unification, we’ve seen how young people have taken up the challenge to develop the country.

It has been three centuries since we started and we’ve already accomplished many things.

We can take pride in our many achievements in the world and look forward to even more in line with the nation’s Vision 2030 plan.

The year 2030 is not far away, which makes it even more exciting. The plan is a promise to the current generation of young people, who will hopefully see it become reality.

Vision 2030 envisages a new era of economic opportunity and diversification where investors and businesses can prosper, and the youth are encouraged and empowered.

Saudi Arabia’s vision is not only about transforming the Kingdom’s economy, it’s about reshaping the country to build a sustainable future.

Saudi Arabia’s megaprojects such as NEOM, OXAGON, King Salman Park, Jeddah Economic City and Diriyah Gate, show how we are turning our vision into reality.

For young women, there have now been many opportunities created for them to contribute in several sectors and lead the country to achieve its vision.

The Saudi Green Initiative is going from “ambition to action” and a thriving society is emerging.

What can we, as the new generation, do to help strengthen our Kingdom? Should we grow more trees or aspire to grow individually?

I believe there is a lot that our generation can do and learn, and knowing what the challenges are can encourage us to take that first step.

When you are motivated, dedicated and consistent, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal. Taking things slowly, to reach achievable milestones is a smart, strategic technique.

Today young Saudis can be rightly proud of what they have achieved despite their relative youth, which demonstrates the considerable talent and potential of this generation.

But regardless of age, or whether you think you have the talent or not, passion is critical to help push you forward.

Ritaj Hussain Al-Hazmi is a young columnist and author, and Guinness world record holder. She believes in showcasing the new generation’s potential.