quotes Saudi fashion industry reflects diversity and heritage

16 March 2023
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Updated 16 March 2023

Saudi fashion industry reflects diversity and heritage

Saudi Arabia’s fashion scene is evolving and making an impression on the world.

The Kingdom’s first Saudi Fashion Association aims to develop an awareness of the fashion sector, contribute to developing rules of professional practice in the industry, improve the future of trendsetters through training, strengthen communication networks between practitioners, and support talented individuals. 

The many fashion exhibitions and events in the country have not only helped put the Kingdom on the world fashion map but also created more sustainable job opportunities. 

One of the ways this is possible is through Saudi brands including cultural nuances in their pieces.

Today, abayas, farwas, jewlery and perfumes reflect the diversity and heritage of the country in fresh, modern designs. 

For example, the Asiri costume belonging to the southern region of the Kingdom is a typical example of such beauty, notably the female designs, which are inspired by ancient heritage and the distinctive landscape.

A successful marketing system depends on what people repeatedly do to strengthen and position their brand, one of the best marketing hacks. 

For example, everyone who travels to Britain is keen on bringing back a cup, T-shirt or handicraft bearing a UK hallmark. I’m a big fan of the Great Britain school.

The emphasis must be on having multiple elegant choices that can please every age, taste and budget. Many founders have failed and quit because they simply did not set realistic goals.

Those operating in the fashion world need a good eye, to care about small details and to extract the beauty out of everything. The industry requires a great observer to shape something new from the ground up, wise and fast.