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Yara Eid

Yara Eid
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Updated 04 November 2023

Yara Eid

Yara Eid

Occupation: Journalist and human rights activist

Nationality: Palestinian

Location: UK

Yara Eid, a Palestinian journalist and human rights activist based in the UK, is known for her impactful advocacy and media work.

She is a global youth ambassador for charity Theirworld and has been a dedicated member of Amnesty International’s Youth Task Force, contributing to the organization’s long-term strategy development.

In a recent headline-making interview with a Sky News presenter, the 23-year-old Gaza native boldly challenged what she described as the Western media’s misleading framing, double standards, and absence of critical context in coverage of Israel’s actions in Gaza.

Eid has also penned a moving op-ed for the Los Angeles Times, reflecting on the loss of her friend and fellow photojournalist, Ibrahim Mohammad Lafi.