quotes Unity across three centuries

23 February 2024
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Updated 19 March 2024

Unity across three centuries

Imagine the whispers of sand dunes carrying stories across three centuries. Tales of unity and resilience echoing through the vast Arabian Peninsula, transcending shifting borders and whispering the undeniable truth that we are one people, bound by a shared heritage and an unwavering spirit.

Today, as we celebrate Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day, let the lands whisper, reminding us of our journey and propelling us toward a future sculpted by the dreams of our ambitious youth.

Our story begins in Diriyah, where Imam Muhammad bin Saud laid the foundation for the First Saudi State in 1727. Like a sapling braving the desert sun, it grew, guided by faith and fueled by unity. This nascent kingdom stretched its roots, embracing diverse tribes under the banner of cooperation and justice. Though eventually facing challenges, its legacy remained etched in the sands, a testament to the enduring spirit of our people.

From the embers of the First Saudi State arose the Second Saudi State in 1818. Led by Imam Turki bin Abdullah, it weathered storms and emerged stronger, forging alliances and fostering trade. The echoes of Jeddah’s bustling port resounded, welcoming pilgrims and merchants, showcasing this kingdom’s vibrant spirit and strategic prowess. But once again, fate intervened, leaving behind memories of a realm that dared to dream big.

Yet, the embers refused to die. In 1902, King Abdulaziz, a visionary leader like a desert falcon on the rise, embarked on a journey to unite the land. His quest, driven by an unwavering belief in unity, culminated in the birth of the Third Saudi State in 1932. From Tabuk’s rugged terrain to Jazan’s fertile plains, Saudi Arabia emerged, a mosaic of cultures united under one flag.

Today, standing tall after three centuries, we celebrate not just our history, but the spirit that binds us. Though borders may have shifted, the essence of who we are — hospitable, ambitious, and united — remains constant.

As we celebrate our Founding Day, let us remember the whispers of the sand dunes, reminding us of who we are and where we come from. Let us honor the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors.

 We may not boast of towering pyramids or ancient ruins, but our heritage lies in the vastness of our deserts, the warmth of our hearts, and the unwavering unity that whispers through the sands.

 And now, the winds of change carry us towards a future brimming with promise. Vision 2030, a testament to our collective ambition, paints a roadmap towards a diversified, sustainable, and thriving society.

 Our ambitious youth, the “savage” 1980s generation as they are aptly called, are the driving force. Their energy, fueled by education and innovation, will propel us beyond the goals of tomorrow, reaching towards a future where the impossible becomes reality.

 Unlike many nations scarred by the wounds of colonialism, Saudi Arabia stands proud, never colonized, never colonizing. Our doors are open, welcoming the world with genuine hospitality, a tradition deeply woven into our cultural fabric. We offer not just oil and trade, but a glimpse into a vibrant civilization enriched by diversity and powered by unity.

 As we celebrate our Founding Day, let us remember the whispers of sand dunes, reminding us of who we are and where we come from. Let us honor the struggles and triumphs of our ancestors, drawing strength from their resilience. And let us, united as one people, embrace the future with the audacity of the ‘80s, knowing that together, we can transform the sands of time into sands of opportunity for generations to come.

May Saudi Arabia’s Founding Day continue to inspire unity and progress for years to come.

Abdulelah S. Al-Nahari is the managing director of business development for a prestigious marketing-solutions firm. He leads strategic-growth initiatives in line with Saudi Arabia’s digital-first vision. The key components of his drive for excellence in the industry are his multi-sector awareness, strategic digital foresight and range of industry experience.