Asiad Medals Incorporate Doha’s Past and Future

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Tue, 2006-03-07 03:00

DOHA, 7 March 2006 — The medals for the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 have been unveiled. The medals have Orry carrying the Asian Games torch high as he runs into the foreground on one side and the Doha 2006 logo inset into the Asian sun on the other. A traditional Qatari pattern is emblazoned on a burgundy ribbon that goes around the winner’s neck.

The front of the medal incorporates the graphic elements of the games and the proud history of the nation of Qatar, while the back of the medal will emphasize the bond between Qatar and the rest of the Asian continent.

Orry runs with the torch in front of the Zubara fort, an important cultural landmark for Qatar.

“We are seeking to convey the ‘old and new’ aspects of the country of Qatar in the design of the medals. We keep an eye on our history and culture at all times, even as we push forward as a nation into the future,” said Sharif Hashisho, director of Ceremonies and Cultural Events, the Doha Asian Games Organizing Committee (DAGOC).

Like most Olympic and Asian Games medals, the medal is round like the Olympic rings or a symbolic victory ring. Some 2,950 medals will be made for the Doha 2006 Games.

“The medal award ceremony is one of the most special moments in any games. Medals represent the values of the games: friendship, honor and excellence in the respect for one’s opponent,” continued Hashisho.

Part of DAGOC’s plan to involve the community in all aspects of the games, a design competition was announced by the Organizing Committee in October last year for the community to present their thoughts and ideas of the medals.

Two medal designs submitted shared the prize as some elements were taken from the submission and incorporated by the Creative and Visual program of the Ceremonies and Cultural events directorate in the final Doha 2006 Games’ medal design. Dallah advertising and Gulf Media agency won the design competition.

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