How Israel Targets Arab and Muslim Scientists

Hassan Tahsin, [email protected]
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Fri, 2007-02-23 03:00

Iran tops the American list of rogue states. Its decision to harness nuclear energy has made the US attitude to Tehran even more bellicose. If the US had its way, it would have, undoubtedly, struck Iranian nuclear facilities and reduced them to rubble.

But the US is aware of the calamitous ramifications of an Iranian adventure upsetting not only the region but sending its tsunami-like ripples to the regions beyond. So it would be rather safe to forecast that the US will not attack Iran in the immediate future.

Israel, apparently disappointed by the US hesitation to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran, is showing signs of returning to its policy of assassination to weaken or eliminate its enemies. Israeli intelligence apparatus Mossad reportedly assassinated Ardashir Hassan Baur, one of Iran’s top nuclear scientists, last month. Ardashir, who was instrumental in founding the Nuclear Research Center in Esfahan, was the director of the Center for Nuclear Electromagnetic Studies, the hub of Iranian nuclear activities.

The Sunday Times newspaper said Mossad was the most-likely force behind the assassination. Riza Pahala of the Stratfor, an American private establishment working in the area of espionage, said the Iranian scientist figured high in the Mossad hit list, as he possessed vital information about Iranian nuclear activities besides being the pivot of its nuclear facilities.

Israel has assassinated not only Arab leaders and scientists but Jewish citizens of Egypt and other parts of the Arab world as well. The purpose of killing the Arab Jews was to create a sense of insecurity among the Jewish communities living peacefully in Egypt and elsewhere so that they will immigrate to the Zionist state. Again it was Jewish terrorists, members of the Stern group to be specific, who committed numerous atrocities over a period of time against the British and Arabs, including the assassination of Count Bernadotte, the UN mediator between the Arabs and Jews in September 1948. Eminent Arab and Palestinian personalities such as founding chairman of the Palestine Authority Yasser Arafat and Hamas leader Ahmad Yassin were victims of Israel’s policy of eliminating their enemies or those who they considered to be enemies.

A major function of the Israeli intelligence is obviously to follow the activities of the Arab nuclear scientists and assassinate them with the express goal of depriving the Arab countries of capable scientists. For instance, Egyptian nuclear scientist Dr. Samirah Musa was killed in a road accident in the United States in 1952 caused by an unidentified driver. Israel did not like her because she used to voice deep concerns about the hazards of the increasing Israeli nuclear activities in the Middle East.

She also had, reportedly, invented a simpler method to develop the critical grade nuclear material from metals cheaper than uranium. Again, in 1967 another Egyptian nuclear physicist Dr. Sameer Najib was assassinated in Detroit after he conducted some successful experiments in the military application of nuclear science. Another suspected assassination by the Mossad agents is the mysterious death, in Paris in June 1980, of Dr. Yahya Amin Al-Mushed, chief of the Iraqi nuclear project. He was in France for detailed discussions regarding the French cooperation in the Iraqi nuclear reactor.

In July 1989, some unknown assailants shot Egyptian scientist Saeed Al-Bodair dead at his Alexandria apartment. He had developed some pioneering theories in the field of microwave. These are part of the Zionist scheme to keep the nuclear facilities away from the reach of Arabs and Muslims.

I wonder what would have happened if an Israeli scientist were assassinated by an Arab intelligence agency. All the Arab governments would, no doubt, be described as terrorists and sponsors of terror. The Western governments would, in the most brazen manner, display their hidden racist tendencies to hunt down every Arab. No amount of racist justification can conceal the state-sponsored terrorism practiced by Israel with the tacit approval of the United States.

Now the key question is who will protect the scientists of the Middle East from Israel’s assassination squads.

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