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Wed, 2010-12-01 23:44

The event was organized by ITP Publishing Group. The princess was a guest of honor at the ceremony.
The prestigious award was given in recognition of the foundation’s three decades of outstanding contributions around the globe for women empowerment, disaster relief, poverty alleviation and the promotion of dialogue between cultures.
The princess delivered an acceptance speech before an audience of 350 business leaders, dignitaries and media representatives. She thanked the ITP Group for this prestigious award. She said the foundation has been delivering on Prince Alwaleed’s firm belief and commitment, embodied in his often expressed mantra that "every human being is entitled to four rights: nourishment, shelter, health care and education.”
The princess said it has been a privilege for both Prince Alwaleed and her “to have visited so many places and met many admirable and strong people who, with the right assistance, can achieve their dreams, fulfill their destiny and regain their dignity.”
The princess added that the foundation’s mission is to contribute to improving the quality of human life “irrespective of religion, nationality or ethnic origin,” as evidenced by both her and the prince’s belief in commitment without boundaries. Together with the passionate leadership of Prince Alwaleed, Muna Abu Sulayman (the foundation’s secretary-general) and the dedicated team at the foundation, both the prince and she "aspire to bring positive change in the lives of people and to help make the world a better place.”

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