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Sun, 2011-10-30 00:54

Chairman of the SCTA Prince Sultan bin Salman said the agreement comes as part of the framework of a national archeological program the commission is carrying out at several locations in the Kingdom.
The SCTA according to Prince Sultan is making a huge leap in the field of archaeological exploration through its 20 teams joined with international teams from many countries such as Germany, France and Italy. This also includes building museums to cater to the increase in archaeological discoveries, Prince Sultan pointed out, adding that this the first partnership agreement signed between the two countries.
“We are working hand in hand with the local community to shed light on the important cultural dimension the area enjoys through its rich archaeological sites,” he said. The project, said Prince Sultan, will reveal many civilizations.
The signing of the agreement was attended by French Ambassador Bertrand Besancenot, who confirmed his country's role in helping reveal part of the great history of the Kingdom, adding that the project will be a unique practical experience for the French team.
Italian Ambassador Valentino Simonetti thanked Prince Sultan for sponsoring the agreement-signing ceremony. SCTA Vice President Saud Al-Ghabban said the commission sought the assistance of the French Center for Research.
Al-Ghabban pointed out archaeological discoveries this year revealed that there was significant evidence of civilization from the Nabataean era as well as coins, tools and pottery from the fourth century. The agreement, pointed out Al-Ghabban, will enable the teams to work in the site and publish the results.

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