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Wed, 2011-11-02 13:53

Yet, this Saudi designer is no simple homecoming celebrity. She plans to take Saudi Arabia’s plethora of style and sophistication to the international runway and beyond.
However, this does not come easy. She continuously combats trying times of the emerging fashion industry in Saudi Arabia and says she will not succumb to strain but will follow her dreams.
Alazzouni’s efforts to develop her talent took her a long way to execute her skills and live her passion. She learned sculpture, screen-printing and paper making and compiled it with her love for fashion during her college years at The School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts.
She derives most of her inspiration from women and natural poise. She uses the combination of chiffon and silk to lend the idea to feminism as being soft, ethereal beings to enhance their personalities. Her unique hand-beaded pieces reflect the meticulousness, layers and detail that go into creating each of Alazzouni’s signature flowers. The pieces maintain a sculptural and artistic integrity, giving her customers the edge over the others. Her contemporary designs are refined to be classically simple cut, glamorous and definitely sophisticated.
Alazzouni told Arab News that her fashion concept was born in 2008 after she graduated from university. She says the purpose behind it is to create “a ready-to-wear fashion brand that is internationally acclaimed and based in Saudi Arabia.”
Arab News spoke to the identity behind the prestigious brand and delved into the designer’s perspective.

Born and raised in Saudi Arabia, Alazzouni studied at an all girls Arabic school called Dhahran Ahliyya in alkhobar. After graduating, she moved to Boston to attend art school, and four years later graduated from The School of The Museum of Fine Arts. “Here, I was able to experiment and learn different fields of art. Even though I concentrated on sculpture and paper making in university and ever since I was 11 years old, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I decided that that will be the field I will work in when I grow up.”

“My brand represents femininity, practicality and luxury. The women I see wearing Razan Alazzouni are fun, playful and unique.” She uses fabrics that are usually imported and hand beaded. Her fabrics’ main consistency reigns from pure silk fabrics with different textures such as chiffon, organza and satin. “My fashion house is in Alkhobar, Saudi Arabia where I have a team of sewers, beaders and embroiderers that work on turning my designs into reality.”
Alazzouni says she uses a variety of pieces in her collection. She designs, crafts and convenes pants and tops, jackets, skirts and evening gowns. You can find contemporary dressy pieces as well as more formal party wear. Her price range is kept between $300 and $2,600.

As a young Saudi fashion designer Alazzouni said she is well aware of the path she has chosen and talked about the hindrance in the pathway to sustain herself as a fashion designer. “I know where the path of my life is leading now although I like to think there will be many surprises ahead, and I am very excited to see what will come.”
She definitely thinks the career of a fashion designer in Saudi Arabia is relatively a new turf. “I am constantly facing obstacles that I need to overcome, as well as learn more about the community and work environment in Saudi Arabia.”
She advises aspiring fashion artists to pursue their dreams. “Never doubt yourself and follow your dreams. You have one life to live, so live your own.” Alazzouni believes every instance is a learning opportunity. “Learn from everyone and everything around you. You will eventually find out how the things you learn will make you a better designer and person.”

She feels the local market is always evolving; “Women in our region have their minds set on creating their own trends and making a place for them in the fashion scene. I admire their uniqueness.”

Alazzouni said she feels her greatest accomplishment as a designer in gaining international recognition. “I have dressed celebrities in Hollywood and photos of my work have been widely spread in magazines and on websites.”

“Everything around inspires me as well as the many art history books I read. I try my best to follow the art scene both nationally and internationally. I love to take inspiration from nature as well. Light and water are elements that constantly inspire my work.”
Her clothing line owns the unique selling preposition of being manufactured in Saudi Arabia. “My designs are unique and my embroidery and beading is all done in-house based on patterns I have designed.” With a whimsical quality she adds eminence, glamour and a class of her own to every piece that is truly Razan Alazzouni.

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