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An exotic and natural beauty, Labaki embodies the successful and inspirational woman who is deeply rooted in the brand’s identity. She was chosen to be the brand ambassador for Hoss Intropia in the Middle East for her “beauty, style, individuality and for our love of her movies that deal with the power of women in the society today,” stated the cult Spanish label who is dedicated to the design of women's fashion clothing and accessories.
Founded in 1994 by ex-designer to the National Ballet of Spain, Paloma Vázquez de Castro, Hoss Intropia is an eclectic collection of looks inspired by Spanish painter Diego Velàzquez, folk art and theater costume. The brand is in the interest of keeping their designs unique and exclusive, which it successfully does by producing and designing all of their own prints and hand-beading and embroidering all their signature embellishments.
Hoss Intropia’s Autumn-Winter 2011 collection juxtaposes the ornamental and baroque with the softness of nature. Prints of foliage in jewel tones are placed confidently alongside intricate lace and sheer organza. Evening wear makes a bigger presence with silk and tweed overcoats layered over tuxedo separates. Accessories are also bold, with loud, beaded neckpieces and bracelets, while hats complete the entire look.
Labaki is also a complementary contrast. A modern woman deeply rooted in the traditions of her heritage, her films usually tackle this particular dichotomy. Whether her films are a musical comedy about the division of religious sects in Beirut or a romantic comedy that deals with talkative Lebanese women who gather at a beauty salon to discuss issues related to love, tradition and life’s everyday ups and downs, Labaki provides a unique milieu to demonstrate the cliché’s of Beirut life.
Having started her career as a music video director, Labaki had her first real breakthrough with Nancy Ajram’s controversial video, “Akhasmak Ah.” Ajram’s female waitress character, who serves and entertains male customers, was seen as inappropriate and too suggestive. Labaki justified her script, stating that Ajram was actually portraying an assertive and powerful female figure. Ajram continued to use Labaki, collaborating on her music videos, “Ya Salam,” “Lawn Ouyounak” and “Inta Eih” — a heartbreaking drama, in which Ajram was able to fine tune her own acting abilities. The three videos gained huge popularity and were awarded with best music video honors.
But apart from being one of the most popular directors in the Arabic music video industry for years, Labaki is also behind many award-winning TV commercials. After exploring her acting potential in the movie, “Bosta” (2005), and feeling still restless with a creative urge to do much more with her talent and tryst with acting, Labaki escalated her career by co-writing, directing and starring in her debut feature-film, “Caramel” (2007), or “Sukkar Banat.” Premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, “Caramel” became an international sensation at international film festivals and went on to achieve box office success. The film garnered Labaki much acclaim as both a director and actress and deservingly placed her on the international map of the movie world.
Labaki’s latest directorial venture titled, “Where do we go now?” has just won the People’s Choice Award at the 36th Annual Toronto International Film Festival and is anticipated to become another international hit. Yet, aside from her impressive film career, most fashionistas will probably be more focused on her latest role as brand ambassador for Hoss Intropia.

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