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Wed, 2012-04-11 01:58

Thus, Gree air-conditioners’ business in the Saudi market has made significant progress with positive results over the last 7 years and it’s current Saudi air-conditioners market share is estimated to be around 20 percent.
Such vast progress is credited to the unlimited support and cooperation of Gree Electric Appliances Inc. of Zhuhai, China, which owns the Gree air-conditioners factory.
The story of Gree factory’s growth is termed as an unmatched industrial experience by industrial analysts and researchers.
The factory of Gree air-conditioners was founded in Zhuhai city of China in 1991 with actual production commencing in 1996.
The production output of the factory has now reached one third of the global air conditioners’ production, which was estimated at 90 million units in 2010.
The production capacity has been developed to produce half of the global production in 2012.
The current production capacity of the factory is estimated around 45.5 million units — more than half of the global production capacity of air conditioners.
The factory has more than 300 R&D labs employing around 3,800 highly skilled workers, engineers and technicians, and more than 3,500 patents.
It has 8 production bases across the world, employing more than 80,000 workers.
The factory production scope is not limited only to assembling the components, but it also ranges from research, design, production of molds to parts and components and finished goods.
The factory is producing around 7,000 different kinds ranging from window air-conditioners to chillers operating under different climatic conditions responding to all needs and requirements and providing solutions to all air-conditioning problems worldwide.

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