Ghassan Ibrahim

Ghassan Ibrahim is a British-Syrian journalist and researcher on issues regarding the Middle East, most notably Turkey, Syria and Iran. He can be reached at

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Iran fueled the war before leaving Syria in the dark

As the Syrian economy deteriorates, the Assad regime’s loyalists are raising their voices and questioning the credibility of Iran’s friendship, given its decline in energy and financial support.

December 09, 2022

Israel’s attempt to check Iranian expansion in Syria

The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps announced on Wednesday the death of Col. Daoud Jafari, who was a senior adviser to the Iranian Air Force in Syria. According to Iranian media, Israelis killed him in a blast near Damascus.

November 27, 2022

Syrian crisis will not be resolved by a return to Arab fold

Some Arab countries are calling for the Syrian regime’s return to the Arab League, hoping this would bring about the beginning of a solution to the crisis in that country, which is fragmented and collapsed as a result of the prolonged war.

November 06, 2022

How Iran turned Syria into ‘the den of Captagon

Everyone who visited Syria before the war saw banners reading “Assad’s Den,” “Syria’s Assad” and other slogans that aimed to show the strength of the regime and the transformation of everything in the country under the control of the Assad family.

October 31, 2022