Yossi Mekelberg

Yossi Mekelberg is professor of international relations at Regent’s University London, where he is head of the International Relations and Social Sciences Program. He is also an associate fellow of the MENA Program at Chatham House. He is a regular contributor to the international written and electronic media.

Twitter: @YMekelberg

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Palestinians must first make peace with themselves

There is a real risk that both Palestinians and Israelis are drawing the wrong conclusions about how the historically ground-breaking normalization agreements between the UAE and Bahrain and Israel are affecting relations between them.

September 26, 2020

Only one person to blame for Israel’s virus omnishambles

Some record-breaking achievements are nothing to be proud of, particularly that of clocking up the highest coronavirus infections per capita in the world. Last week it was Israel’s turn to wear the leader’s yellow jersey after averaging 199.3 new cases a day per 1 million residents.

September 12, 2020