Saudi religious leaders warn against disunity

Updated 09 November 2014

Saudi religious leaders warn against disunity

Anyone endangering the security of the country is, in fact, playing into the hands of the enemies who are looking for an opportunity to destroy the society, said Grand Mosque Imam Saud Al-Shoraim in his Friday sermon.
He warned Muslims to beware of those who want to drive a wedge between them in order to advance their nefarious designs.
“Sleep without security will be restless and a worship devoid of security will be muddled worship. Peace and security is very important for us,” Al-Shoraim said.
A number of people were killed in a terror attack in the Eastern Province on Monday.
Those who cause security breach and violence do not want a dignified life for their people, the Sheikh said.
Security is the basic requirement of life. It is achieved by ensuring the safety of life, property and honor, he added.
The imam compared one who breached security of a nation with a sailor who dug holes in a ship.
“Unless other sailors throw him overboard the whole ship will sink and all sailors drown,” he said
“Security is destabilized by deviant ideology that ruins religious values. Other situations that lead to the disruption of people’s security are harming innocent lives, addiction to drug or liquor, theft of wealth or earning money illegally by violating the honor of other people and committing adultery,” Al-Shoraim said in his speech.
In his sermon at the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah, Imam and Khatib Sheikh Salah Al-Bodair stressed the importance of tolerance, wisdom and peace.
Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Aziz Al-Asheikh, chairman of the Council of Senior Religious Scholars, in his sermon at imam Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh, said the consequences of the disruption of law and order in a country are grave and affect all sections of society.
“The wisdom behind the Shariah-based punishments is to establish justice in the word and to ensure security and stability for the Ummah,” Al-Asheikh said adding that Shariah-based punishments are a blessing from Allah sent down to the Muslims to rein in the wicked people and ensure security and peace in the society.
He also prayed to the Almighty to enable the Kingdom’s rulers to successfully implement the laws of Allah so that the corrupt are reined in and destroyed and people are guaranteed a life free from evil.
Interior Minister Prince Mohammed bin Naif has meanwhile reaffirmed that all security authorities will carry out their duties to challenge those who attempt to tamper with the Kingdom’s stability.
The minister made these comments, while visiting the families of victims killed in the terrorist attack in Al-Ahsa on Monday.
Interior Ministry spokesman Major General Mansour Al-Turki announced the arrest of an Al-Ahsa attack suspect in Arar on Friday night.

Cinema investment in Saudi Arabia set to hit SR5bn in 2020

Updated 46 min ago

Cinema investment in Saudi Arabia set to hit SR5bn in 2020

  • Saudi conference study reveals 140 cinemas planned for Kingdom creating estimated 5,300 jobs
  • One of the main goals of the Vision 2030 reform plan was to increase household spending on domestic entertainment from 2.9 percent to 6 percent of total expenditure

RIYADH: Investment in building new cinemas in Saudi Arabia was expected to top SR5 billion ($1.33 billion) during 2020, according to latest figures.

Data published ahead of the Cinema Build KSA 2020 conference, taking place at the Fairmont hotel in Riyadh on Feb. 19 to 20, revealed that 140 movie theaters were planned to open in 30 malls throughout the Kingdom, creating more than 5,300 job opportunities.

The Saudi cinema industry would see enormous growth and was set to become the leader in the region having already gained attention from stakeholders around the globe, research from conference partner Great Minds Group predicted.

With a total of 1,323 screens planned for the country, demand for materials and resources to build cinemas has increased dramatically.

The Cinema Build KSA report revealed that an estimated 158,760 cinema seats and more than 5,953,500 square feet of carpet would be required to realize this year’s growth plans, in addition to more than 18,852,750 square feet of gypsum boards, wall panels, and specialist ceiling materials and 1,250 air-handling units.

One of the main goals of the Vision 2030 reform plan was to increase household spending on domestic entertainment from 2.9 percent to 6 percent of total expenditure, considering that Saudi nationals spent about $30 billion annually on tourism and entertainment outside the Kingdom.

Supporting and enhancing the fast-growing cinema sector would not only recover Saudi investments abroad but would also create more than 5,314 job opportunities in 2020 in the Saudi market, according to the Cinema Build KSA report.

The Saudi cinema industry was predicted to see enormous growth and being the largest gathering of cinema stakeholders in the Kingdom, Cinema Build KSA 2020 aims to serve as a learning center for building world-class film theaters.

The event is organized by Eyes of Cities in association with the Great Minds Group. Boasting more than 300 attendees, at least 30 sponsors and exhibitors, and 25 international speakers, the second annual conference will cover a broader aspect of the burgeoning cinema industry in the Kingdom.