Saudi forces shoot down missile off Najran

Updated 28 December 2015

Saudi forces shoot down missile off Najran

JEDDAH: Saudi Air Defense Forces intercepted a Scud missile fired from Sanaa Saturday night, the Arab Coalition fighting Iran-backed Yemeni rebels said on Sunday.
In a statement carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA), the coalition said the ballistic missile was launched from the Yemeni capital toward the southwestern Saudi city of Najran and it was shot down by Patriot Missiles at about 11 p.m.
Coalition jets immediately launched retaliatory strikes and have neutralized the missile launch base within Yemeni territory, the statement said. “The air force immediately destroyed the rocket launch platform,” it said.
In Sanaa, Yemen’s state news agency said the missile was targetted at a Saudi National Guard base in Najran on Yemen’s northwest border with Saudi Arabia.
The attack is the latest of several ballistic missile strikes by Yemeni forces on Saudi Arabia, none of which have caused any reported casualties.
Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are in the forefront of a military alliance of Arab states which have launched an air, sea and land offensive since March against rebels trying to topple the UN-recognized government of Yemeni President Abed Rabbu Mansour Hadi.
Shiite Houthi militia and forces of disgraced former Yemeni strongman Abdullah Saleh have joined hands against the Hadi government, with alleged backing by Iran.
The conflict has killed nearly 6,000 people and plunged the impoverished country into a humanitarian crisis, but a cease-fire coinciding with United Nations-backed talks began on Dec. 15.
Though both sides have accused each other of many violations of the cease-fire, it has significantly reduced the fighting and allowed for deliveries of small amounts of aid to the war zones.
Yemen’s warring parties agreed to resume talks on Jan. 14.

(Addition input from Reuters)

Festivities kick-off as Saudis celebrate national day across kingdom

Updated 20 September 2019

Festivities kick-off as Saudis celebrate national day across kingdom

DUBAI: The first activities of the Saudi General Authority for Entertainment (GAE) kicked off on Thursday evening in celebration of the kingdom’s National Day on September 23 in the province of Jeddah.

The festivities were held on Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street and Corniche Road with performances of national songs and fashion shows representing Saudi cultural heritage, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

The events also included workshops for children to participate in the celebration of the occasion. The activities ended with a firework show.

In Jizan, families enjoyed heritage shows hosted by the GAE at the corniche as well as Saudi art and photography.

Storytellers entertained children with stories of King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al-Saud and the history of the unification of the states of Saudi Arabia.

Artwork of Saudi landmarks were exhibited, celebrating modern and historical architecture in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, schools across the kingdom organized activities to mark the celebrations for children, highlighting the role of the founding father of Saudi Arabia in “reuniting and unifying the country.” Schools have also partnered with government bodies to educate students on the role and status of Saudi Arabia on the world stage.

Across the kingdom, preparations to celebrate National Day have been completed, with street decorations and a number of events planned.

Celebrations will be held over five days to commemorate Saudi National Day.