Gold facial mask: The latest luxury treatment

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Updated 23 April 2014

Gold facial mask: The latest luxury treatment

Gold and beauty have for long gone together. Cleopatra became well known for her love of the Golden Mask and now celebrities choose facials containing real gold flakes in their hunt for everlasting beauty. This treatment quickly became famous and is in demand for it has the power to whiten, moisturize, minimize pores, control oil, tone, lift and restore elasticity.
Dania Khafaji, founder of Spa To Go in Jeddah, explains the different kinds of gold facial mask and the benefits that women gain from it. “If we look at it, our great grandmothers never had skin problems like we have nowadays and this is because they used to always wear gold earrings, necklaces, bracelets or rings. Nowadays we have replaced them with accessories,” she said.
“It is a fitness boot camp for your face. Studies show that gold is great for improving the skin and reversing cell damage from toxins such as smoking and sun rays. Gold is one of the softest metals and easily absorbed by the skin and can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines,” she added.
There is more than one kind of gold mask facial offered in salons starting with the gold square sheets which is Victoria Bekham’s favorite. “I have read that she uses sheep placenta facial with gold flakes facial which is different from gold facial. Her facial is like a mixture of two luxurious facials,” said Khafaji.
“Sheet gold facial starts with cleansing followed by a five minute session under the steam to soften the skin and open pores, and then applying serum. They apply the gold sheet directly on the face and massage it in until absorbed completely, then open the facial steam again and continue massage till the skin is clean,” Khafaji said.
The powder base is the most common used in beauty salons. It is a combination of collagen, plant extract and 24 karat gold powder. “The mixture melts into the skin to leave it with new found radiance, intensely hydrated, richly smooth and silky,” she Khafaji.
“First, the beautician prepares the skin by applying a cleansing liquid with gold flakes and makes sure the skin is clean from makeup or any kind of cream. Then comes the gold scrub to peel out facial dead skin and steam it for a while and then we apply a rich serum with gold flakes,” she added.
“We later apply the gold mask mixture and leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes and peel it off. We later apply the rich moisturizer which also comes with gold flakes and leaves the skin glowing and rich,” Khafaji explained.
According to Khafaji, gold facial mask can be a bit expensive for some people and this is why the 24k Gold Collagen Face and Neck Masks was made. “This line uses pure mineral gold filled with high-strength natural plant collagen and anti-oxidants including vitamin E and rose essence to promote rapid collagen and elastin synthesis to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while firming and hydrating the skin for a lasting youthful glow,” she said.
“All you have to do is peel it from its pack, apply it to your face, sit back, relax and let the mask do its magic. When applied to the skin, the elements in the gold collagen mask are absorbed into the skin where they instantly start to form a protective layer against free radicals,” she added.
“They immediately react to the skin’s natural chemistry and help to replace the collagen that decreases with age. These advanced masks contain 100 percent high molecular plant collagen with 24k mineral gold which is absorbed at 10 times the rate of a traditional face mask,” said Khafaji.
This mask is for those who are looking for an easy home facial. “All you need is to exfoliate and apply this mask for 15 to 30 minutes and you’re done,” said Khafani, adding: “It’s cheaper than going to a facial salon but don’t expect any long term effects unless you use this several times a week.”
When asked if this high end pampering is effective, Khafaji said 100 percent guaranteed. “The secret is to keep doing it and for greater results, perform a daily beauty regime, apply rich moisturizer and clean the skin properly from makeup before going to bed.” She also said this can be done twice a month for perfect results.

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Imaan Hammam gets candid about her work with She’s the First

Updated 25 November 2020

Imaan Hammam gets candid about her work with She’s the First

DUBAI: Imaan Hammam, who is Dutch and born to a Moroccan mother and Egyptian father, has always been outspoken about the struggles she has faced in her own career as a woman of color. She’s currently an ambassador for the organization She’s the First (STF), a grassroots organization that helps empower young women through education around the world. 

Hammam first teamed up with STF in 2019, when she brought her 996,000 Instagram followers along on a learning trip to visit young girls in The Gambia. “Flashback to dancing in The Gambia with the @starfishintl girls,” she recently recalled of her trip on Instagram.

“The girls and boys were getting ready for the talent show that was taking place that day. I was so excited to see what they were working on, from dancing to poetry to singing. My role for the day was to accompany them and offer any advice that I might have,” she explained of the “life changing trip.”


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The 24-year-old model recently opened up about her involvement with the non-profit organization and how she hopes to champion young women in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar.

“Being a woman and having this type of career and this job, I just felt like at some point I was like, ‘Oh, my God, I have to help women like me, or girls like me, to tell them and show them that you’re able to dream big and be able to pursue any kind of dream you have,’ she said of her partnership with She’s the First. 

During the conversation, the model also revealed that her mother, who immigrated to the Netherlands aged 19,  is a huge source of inspiration for her. 

“I just have so much respect for her and for her journey that she had,” she said. “My mom didn't always have it very easy, and I feel like I did. And that's why I think I'm so strong about helping women like my mom, or some girls like me that have always had a dream.”