Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow

Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow
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Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow
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Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow
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Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow
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Updated 05 May 2014

Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow

Caviar ­— ideal treatment for facial glow

Caviar is one of the finest dishes that people indulge themselves in. Caviar is, at the same time, a means of beauty for women, endowing their skin with brightness and clearness. Being rich in proteins and antioxidants, it makes a leading modern treatment for skin care.
Caviar is an excellent treatment for face brightness as it helps eliminating the fine lines, and combating ageing agents. The effectiveness of its complex nature suffices it to be your only natural remedy. The good thing about caviar treatment is that only a two-weeks period is needed to be able to undergo another new treatment. This treatment does not require any precautions, women can practice their everyday routines without worrying of any possible complications. It activates the cells to manufacture collagen, the protein responsible for skin’s youth and vividness, which make it anti-ageing and a skin moisturizer. The period needed between two treatments as well as the number of sessions are decided based on the condition of the skin. Generally, the treatment can be taken every two to three weeks to preserve skin brightness, and once per week if the skin is very tired/damaged due to smoking, illness, pregnancy or severe psychological problems.

What is caviar?
Salty eggs extracted from certain kinds of fish, such as salmon. It is considered as one of the most expensive and splendid foods in the world.
Its benefits
Caviar has many remedial benefits. The most significant one is that it gives energy to the body, it is the food for men to increase their sexual stamina. Another benefit is that it helps producing anti-ageing agents. The antioxidants in the caviar lift the skin and eliminate the fine lines that appear on the face. It also helps unifying skin color, and moisturizing it by balancing between the loss and absorption of water. Its cosmetic importance lies in its role in brightening the skin and correcting/remedying its blemishes.
Caviar mask
The treatment, which takes two hours, goes through many stages. First, the skin has to be cleaned and covered with oils and honey to help opening the pores. After that, put on the caviar oils in addition to a special caviar mask on the face. When the mask is removed, apply the oils and special creams again. Expose your face to heat for five minutes. What makes this treatment special is the “aqua” massage, a Chinese massage that gives energy to skin, which makes it brighter and more glowing.

How to make a caviar mask
First recipe:
Distribute the caviar on your face, and then relax for 20 minutes to get a spectacular result. You can also blend it with a spoon of natural honey. It is not recommendable for irritated skin, though.

Second recipe:
Divide a cup of yogurt between two bowls. Put half a spoon of caviar in the first bowl, and blend well until the caviar breaks and becomes well mixed with the yogurt. In the other bowl, put a spoon of honey. Clean your skin with tepid water, and then apply the yogurt and honey first, and leave it for 10 minutes. After that, wash your face with tepid water and apply the caviar-yogurt mix delicately on your skin, cover it with cucumber slices, and leave it for 20-25 minutes. Remove the cucumber slices and rub your face two or three times, let your skin rest for 5 minutes, and then wash your face well with tepid water.
After removing the mask, make sure that you don’t apply any creams on your face. For better results, put on the caviar mask once each two weeks, you will eventually feel your skin getting brighter and glowing.

A note:
For skin sensitivity test, you can put a small portion of the mask on your hand, and wait for 10 minutes.
This treatment is not suitable for pregnant women. However, they still can exclude the concentrated caviar oils from the ingredients, and keep the moisturizing creams and masks.
When undergoing\having laser sessions, it becomes important to wait for no less than one week to 10 days before taking the treatment, because the skin is still vulnerable\sensitive. After the treatment, it is not necessary to avoid sunlight or applying ice cubes, women can continue their normal lives without following any necessary precautions.

Caviar with yogurt hair mask recipe
Mix red caviar with yogurt well. To have a smooth mix, add a big spoon of olive or sweet almond oil to the ingredients, then put them in the blender with two spoons of water for easy blending. Wash your hair well with shampoo. Then, put on the caviar and yogurt mask and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After washing your hair with shampoo you will notice the great effect of caviar on your hair.

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